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West Florida Yachts, of St. Petersburg, Fla., absorbed the St. Petersburg sales staff of South Florida Yacht Sales Nov. 1 and, together, have joined forces with United Yacht Sales to create United West Florida Yachts.

They will operate out of the existing offices at Maximo Marina in St. Petersburg. The staff will consist of industry veterans Roger Cole, Skip North, Tom Poe, Steve Pentz, Mike Reeves and Ed Morris.

“It is believed that this new entity will take advantage of the benefits of economy of scale, while maintaining the independent nature of yacht brokerage that has proven to be successful,” said Cole.



Houston-based SodaBlast Systems appointed nine new preferred contractors in the U.S. for its eco-friendly boat hull cleaning systems. There are now more than 180 company trained contractors providing SodaBlasting services worldwide.

The new SodaBlasting Preferred Contractors are:

Advanced Stripping Technologies, Bloomfield, N.M.
Bob’s SodaBlasting, Cape May, N.J.
Chris Melvy, Ravensdale, Wash.
City of San Marcos Parks & Recreation, San Marcos, Texas
Colorado SodaBlasting, Greeley, Colo.
Oakley Auto Body, Ayden, N.C.
Potts Auto Body, Minford, Ohio
SodaPro, Golden, Colo.
Waren Stone, Kihei, Hawaii

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