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Marine distributor AER Supply Ltd. will hold its annual dealer meeting Feb. 26-27 in Seabrook, Texas.

The meeting will include seminars, technical training sessions and demonstrations by such manufacturers as 3M, BSCO, Dometic, DRSA, Hubbell, Interlux/Awlgrip, Jabsco, Mastervolt, Maxwell, Nautic Air, Newmar, Reverso, Vetus America, and WillDo B.V.

“The product showcase allows us the opportunity to interact with our customers informally and face-to-face,” said Rudolf Mes, general manager for AER Supply, in a statement. “It also provides manufacturers with a forum to educate dealers and resellers on the latest new products, answer questions and address issues.”

For information, contact Rudolf Mes at (281) 474-3276 ext. 555, or

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Genmar Yacht Group selected yachtBlue of Fort Lauderdale as an authorized Marquis Yachts dealer for the east coast of Florida.

George Jousma, president of yachtBlue, leads the team that will sell and service Marquis boats. The dealership will represent both Marquis and Sanlorenzo, a line of Italian luxury yachts.

“George Jousma and his team have years of experience serving the owners of premium quality yachts,” said Robert VanGrunsven, president of Genmar Yacht Group, in a statement. “Their passion and commitment to this industry will be a wonderful addition to Marquis’ worldwide dealer organization.”

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