Aqualuma cutting prices in U.S.

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Underwater lighting manufacturer Aqualuma is reducing its U.S. pricing by as much as 37 percent on some products thanks to new production efficiencies and a favorable currency exchange rate.

“The reductions provide our customers flexibility with their underwater lighting solutions,” said Charles Perry of Fluid Technologies, the U.S. distributor of Aqualuma products, in a statement. “These savings allow them to install an extra light or opt for the 6 Series over the 3 Series, and maybe even add a Luma VU camera.”

Based in Australia, Aqualuma offers Gen II thru-hull, dock and trim tab underwater models for vessels from 20 to 140 feet. The company also offers an underwater camera and PWC brake lights.

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3 comments on “Aqualuma cutting prices in U.S.

  1. BIG O

    Production Efficiencies  and Favorable Exchange Rates. Please…………who comes up with that stuff? Realities are that the market has demanded a shift in pricing. I once called on a EU Builder who was buying a competitive product. The exchange rate at the time was Euro 1.25 = USD 1,  the percentage savings would offer an easy sale right? Not So. The competition had dropped pricing stating the same reason as in the aqualuma article. Awaken O Sleeper!

  2. Baja245

    If the prices I saw listed on their dealers websites are a reduction in price, I would hate to think what the old prices were.

  3. John Massey

    This is a joke right? Reduction in prices? They’ve always been much cheaper in OZ anyways.
    I’ve just bought full color change LED lights from — they must be at least 10 times as powerful and cheaper as well.

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