Boatyard installs system to reduce copper in runoff

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Canal Boatyard of Seattle is staying ahead of environmental regulations with the recent installation of a new Stormwater RX Aquip filtration system designed to help reduce copper levels in runoff.

The system consists of a large holding tank with several different layers of filter media, with fabric filters positioned at key points in the process. As the untreated runoff makes its way through the various strata, powered by gravity, contaminants are captured and held.

The boatyard notes that the Washington State Department of Ecology has not yet issued its final decision on allowable copper levels in runoff.

“We are confident that Canal Boatyard will meet the new discharge standards, once they’re issued, and we’ll be able to serve our customers without interruption during the busiest time of the year,” boatyard manager Ken Radon said in a statement.


2 comments on “Boatyard installs system to reduce copper in runoff

  1. Bob Harris

    To reduce copper levels, boatyards can look at the copper free antifoulant paints that are available. Biocides such as zinc are effective, and release no copper into the water.

  2. Jim Gallant

    I have designed a system at Philbrooks Boat Yard in Victoria British Columbia. It has been operating for about two years.
    It removes hydro carbons and heavy metals. Independent lab results have been documented over the two years. It has more than met the standard required by C.R.D. with heavy metals well below 1 part per million, hydro carbons removal and the C.O.D. and B.O.D. limits all within exceptable limits.
    It is not a commercial treatment plant package. To keep the cost affordable and keep the maintenence as low as possible. It was designed with generic parts readily available.
    With help from lab technicians,fish and wildlife techs, and the C.R.D. which is responsible for the discharge limits it was built and installed.
    It also takes into consideration that each boat yard may differ in what has to be removed for discharge in the present and the future.

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