ISS presenting seminar on superyacht industry

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The International Superyacht Society is helping produce a seminar this spring called “The Superyacht Industry: A Challenge-An Opportunity.”

Scheduled for April 30 in Valletta, Malta, the seminar is being presented in conjunction with Wilfred Sultana & Associates, publishers of Yachting in Malta, and the Flagship Superyacht Academy. The event will feature presentations by two ISS board directors, AJ Anderson and ISS past president Doug Sharp, as well as Tim McClement of FYSA.

Anderson will discuss what makes a destination appealing for superyachts and the agency’s role in recommending a destination for short visits and as a winter base.

Sharp will speak about the economic importance of the yachting industry and its financial contribution to the country’s economy. In the process, he will talk about the various demands, current strength, current difficulties (global economic situation) and future outlook of the superyacht industry.

McClement’s session will be of interest to the yachting trade as well as to the officer cadets and officers who attend the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology and those attending the Institute of Tourism Studies.

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