MRAA lobbying for federal floorplan aid

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The Marine Retailers Association of America is joining the National Marine Manufacturers Association in lobbying the federal government for help on boat and floorplan financing.

The NMMA recently issued an Action Alert that urges its members to contact federal officials about adding marine floorplan loans under the Term Asset-Backed Securities Lending Facility, and including boats in TALF’s consumer lending program.

The MRAA issued its own Dealer Alert this week to encourage retailers to support NMMA’s efforts.

“The near total elimination of financial institutions from loaning money to anyone except the most highly qualified has driven the industry to the edge of collapse,” the MRAA said in its alert. “Boat production and sales are at an all-time low, employees are being laid off, and many businesses are suffering or closing.”

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3 comments on “MRAA lobbying for federal floorplan aid

  1. Curtis

    They had better hurry up or there won’t be any manufactures or dealers left, well except GE as the largest boat dealer in the country.

  2. Sales manager

    I think every dealer should call GE right now and tell them to pick up our boats, now. That should shake them up a little.

  3. Brett

    We can’t blame GE and we need them. However, they see us as a lost cause and their forthcoming rate hike is going to eliminate a few more dealerships. How do we compete against all of the untitled repos all over the country? Our days are numbered unless there is immediate drastic change.

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