Study lauds Sea-Doo performance

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BRP Sea-Doo PWC beat out its competition in acceleration, handling and fuel consumption, according to a recent study by the Florida Institute of Technology.

The study tested the newest PWC “musclecraft,” including BRP Sea-Doo RXP-X, RXP 215, RXT-X, and RXT iS 255; the Yamaha FZR; and the Kawasaki Ultra 260X watercraft.

The Florida Institute of Technology coordinated the evaluations with a group of professional riders including IJSBA Hall of Fame racers Chris Fischetti, Karine Paturel and Tim Judge, as well as current professional racer Eric Lagopoulos. FunJet Magazine, a leading PWC magazine, also assisted in the study.

Click here for the full release.

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2 comments on “Study lauds Sea-Doo performance

  1. Cole Walker

    What does “coordinate” mean?  Did Sea-doo do the test or did FIT? Was FIT paid by Sea-doo?  Was Yamaha and Kawasaki there when the testing was done?  This does not pass the smell test.

  2. AnonymousBob

    FIT “coordinated” the test in that they got everybody on schedule at the same time to do the test. Basically, they planned the event and made it happen – locating the test site, making sure the test units were present, making sure the riders were there, making sure the test equipment was there and working, etc., etc. As to what manufacturer reps were there, we don’t know, but FIT should be an impartial testing agent for this type of event – at least you have to hope.
    Don’t read too much into this because the next “test” by someone else will most surely have a different outcome. It’s like asking 10 different economists what our economy will be like in 6 months – you’ll get 10 different answers.

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