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032609_marlinMatt Watson gives fishing action an entirely new meaning. You’re probably thinking “action” means that moment when lines tighten as a fish grabs the bait and runs. Think again.

For Watson, the action is jumping out of a helicopter and landing on top of a marlin for a wrestling match of sorts, or catching one from a PWC or surfboard.


Watson is the host of “The Ultimate Fishing Show,” which combines extreme angling, exotic locations, and fishing tips and information. The goal of the show, says Watson, is to get people excited about sportfishing.

The show, which has aired in New Zealand since 2004, can be seen in the United States on America One Television Network, and is seeking U.S. distributors for its range of DVDs.

For more “Ultimate Fishing Show” video clips, click here or purchase a full DVD here.

For information on distributing “The Ultimate Fishing Adventures” DVDs, e-mail Bill Miles.


6 comments on “VIDEO TIMEOUT: helicopter fishing

  1. Chip Porter

    Absurdity in the race for something new, reaches new heights in fishing.
    How did the camera man get in the water before the guy?
    Why is there audio of the guy going “woo hoo” while he’s underwater?
    Would you dart a marlin to give it tranquilizers or do you administer it with a stick while it’s penned up like that?
    I have a friend, that when I do something “out there”, likes to ask me, “Just how stupid are you?”.  We haven’t figured that out yet, but not stupid enough to think there is any redeeming quality in this garbage.

  2. Ed Foley

    “STUPID” has a new face and his name is Matt Watson.
    With everyone from the sport fishermen to the commercial guys worried about fishing pressure and stress on the fish population, I wonder what the stress level is of a fish released after being ‘man-handled’ in such a way.
    I have learned that you do not want to handle fish you intend to release because the act of handling them can cause them to lose scales and it removes the ‘slime’ that protects them from infections. Obviously, Watson isn’t too concerned about the survival rate of his release.
    It appears this guy will do anything for ratings and a sponsor…
    Note to potential sponsor: This IS garbage.

  3. Brent Alman

    Can’t wait for the episode where this idiot jumps out of the helicopter and the marlin spears him through the chest.

  4. Mike Hauser

    I would guess that the fish was already caught and next to a boat, with the cameraman sitting there while the guy jumped out of the boat and onto the fish.

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