Alaska dealer bill awaits governor’s signature

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The Alaska Marine Products and Motorized Recreational Product Act (HB 177) passed both houses of the Alaska legislature and heads to Gov. Sarah Palin’s desk for her signature.

The House passed it unanimously Sunday, following the Senate’s unanimous passage last Friday.

Plans are currently being suggested to Gov. Palin to have the bill signing ceremony at a marine dealership, the MRAA reports.

“MRAA wants to congratulate the Alaska Marine Dealers Association for achieving a near-impossible task that could be the game changer for the entire industry,” according to the association’s statement. “The massive victory was achieved with the support of a coalition of marine dealers, snowmobile dealers, and consumers and goes a long way to vastly improve the boat buying experience in Alaska.”

The National Marine Manufacturers Association is against the bill, saying it would disproportionally transfer business risks from marine dealers to marine manufacturers.


5 comments on “Alaska dealer bill awaits governor’s signature

  1. JR Goodman

    It is nice that this passed, and nice the NMMA is against it. I have read about this twice now however and still have no idea what passed? Details would be great, reporters.

  2. Douglas Reimel

    I sure wish the Michigan Boating Community would get there stuff together and get one done in Michigan. I know I would be able to update my facilities with a better manufacturer to dealer relations. To bad it has to get done by government.

  3. SoggySocks

    Another strike against self regulation.
    This is a very reasonable backlash from dealers who are always underfunded by the manufacturer with regard to warranty work – particulary in the case where the dealer does not have enough volume to have any clout to work with on their behalf.
    On the other hand – it seems phenomenally oppressive to the manufacturers and about as far to the left as left goes. For a state that gets $1.87 dollars back for every $1.00 it sends to the gov. it is not so surprising.
    This will reduce the number of choices Alaskan’s have both in the number of dealers and the number of products.

  4. Dudley

    As a director on the Board of the Alaskan Marine Dealers Association, I would like to add my comments to this. HB 177 is very good legislation that happened due to the manufacturers not stepping up and implementing the changes that were addressed and developed by the Joint Committee headed up by Slikkars of S2 Yachts years ago. Our industry faces many challenges during these difficult times. Two of the most important are the one sided Adhesion Style Dealer Agreements and the abusive warranty policies that are all too commen in the Marine and Powersports industries. It would certainly have been preferred by everyone if the manufacturers stepped up and implemented the needed and promised changes that are so desperately needed, but the cold facts and reality is that nothing will or is going to get better until more states and dealers take on similar initiatives. The manufacturers are very divided and fragmented with some that have policies that are not that far away from what HB 177 will require, while others are not very close at all. The better manufacturers that treat their dealers and customers fairly really do not have a problem with HB 177, and in fact this new law will help to even out and level the playing field a bit so that the better manufacturers are not put at a cost disadvantage to the ones who abuse the current dealer agreement and warranty situation. I have posted additional comments following Norman Schultze’s article that has a link from Beth RS’s posting below. Anyone that wants to read HB 177 in its 14 1/2 page entirety can go to the Alaska Legislature website and click on the Bill Tracking feature and then put HB 177 in the bill number request box and then click on the button for “Full Text”. Anyone that has any questions or wants to discuss anything, feel free to e mail me at . 

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