Arizona powerboat builder shuts down

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Power Marine and Motor Sports Inc., the Lake Havasu City, Ariz.-based manufacturer of Magic Powerboats and Sleek Powerboats, closed its doors last week after 15 years in business.

“We are not bankrupt, we are just closing our doors. …It is very hard,” owner Ron Moyes, told the News-Herald.

He would not comment on why the company’s closed down.

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3 comments on “Arizona powerboat builder shuts down

  1. Anthony Cavallo

    I can’t say that I am Happy that a lot of Boat manufactures are closing, But they realy brought apon them selves,
    How ,Well look at how much the average  size boat has Jumped from ,
    And I have Seen It In Power Boat Mag. 28′ in 2004 $ 80,000.00 To
    2009 $ 317,000.00  For a Boat that will Burn 22 gal.p/h or more,
    Who can we blame ( Bush, and all his Want people to make the American people come down to their knees, Spend all their disposable income, Now they don’t even have the $ to send their children to school
    We will see in the Future Boats that Will Sell for prices Like The Bayliner was back in the 70 s & 80 s ,.
    The Best Question We Should ask Is How Many People Realy want to be out on the water, Now that They are taking away the Fishing, Oh you cant be within 175′ of any Great white shark, You cant do this ,you cant do that ,So What Can We Do ,Go Buy a boat that We can’t aford?
    Then Build a Business that will Fit,
    Note Boating People Are Different than the average person,
    Their are Not Many Of Us Left .
    Thank You Anthony

  2. Skipper Mike

    I would like to know the  { Why}  the up  price $ is so high on boats.    The  media gives a super negative sound and look everyday. People are all out in thier boats and they are  Fishing  in Florida . Right now as I send this >

  3. Misogynist

    It is a sad state of affairs. The costs to manufacture here in the US keep rising, while our manufacturers have to compete with Chinese knock-offs.
    We are now reaping what has been sown. We allowed China to take so many of our jobs, that now we can’t even afford cheap Chinese junk. We can thank the Democrats under Bill Clinton for giving China “most favored nation” status and allowed so much of our jobs and wealth to be transfered overseas. George W did’nt help by allowing the status to remain. Now China OWNS us. Thanks boys, you did a great job.

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