Brunswick moves back 2010 model introductions

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The 2010 model year introduction for 10 Brunswick boat brands has been moved to September 2009, a change that has the support of the Marine Retailers Association of America.

MRAA has encouraged manufacturers to move the introduction of new product to the fall for the last two decades,” said Ed Lofgren, MRAA chairman, in a statement. “We’re elated that Brunswick has made that decision. The reasons they stated are correct and will be very beneficial to dealers and consumers.”

The brands affected are Bayliner, Crestliner, Cypress Cay, Harris, Kayot, Lowe, Lund, Maxum, Triton and Trophy.

Brunswick said it made the changes to allow dealers to continue liquidating inventory in the heart of the selling season and reduce the risk of retail lenders lowering available credit on existing inventory.

The change, they say, does not devalue the dealer’s inventory because of the availability of new-model-year product, and doesn’t needlessly confuse the retail customer with new-model-year product during the selling season.

Surveys were conducted with a large number of dealers regarding inventory levels, changing credit conditions and model year conversion, and the “voice of the dealer” was “remarkably consistent,” said Jay Povlin, senior vice president of sales for Brunswick’s US Marine and Outboard Boats division, in an April 9 letter to dealers.

“We are committed to taking responsible action to preserve the long-term health of you, our dealer partners,” Povlin wrote. “We believe that continued focus on selling the existing inventory through the summer months is the wisest path for all of us.”

Lofgren said the MRAA was calling for all manufacturers to immediately implement the September date to help their dealers, which could seriously help dealers to orderly liquidate their inventories.

Click here for the MRAA’s full release.


6 comments on “Brunswick moves back 2010 model introductions

  1. jim davies

    Guess they forgot about that small niche marketed brand they have called Sea Ray.
    Jim Davies

  2. Capt Jim

    Then why is M&T valuing new ’08 inventory at NADA wholesale for lending purposes?  ’07 I can understand; but ’08 should still be based on dealer invoice.

  3. Greg Scholand

    Well, well, well. According to the MRAA statement it only took 20 years for this change to occur. Just goes to show that common sense isn’t so common anymore. Despite the fancy degrees the corporate execs of the past 20 years have had, it has taken a near death experience to get them to realize that the behemoth they built couldn’t last. Build a boat the consumer wants, build only the number of boats that can be realistically sold at RETAIL, help the dealer finance inventory, promote the line and compensate the dealer fairly for warranty, (for fixing your mistakes!). By gosh, I seem to remember the industry was like that before the tail started wagging the dog. Common sense lesson #1: You don’t have to change for the sake of change & you can do something that was done before and has worked.
    Enough of my negativity. Credit where credit is due. Three cheers for Brunswick for stepping to the plate and doing something that will actually help the dealer. Hopefull this is the first of many positive changes to come in the industry.
    What’s next, maybe IMTECH in September when it’s convenient for everyone???

  4. Curtis

    Does Brunswick really think the dealers are going to be in any position to actually buy 2010 product in September, I don’t think so. Have they gone out to see the amount of inventory that is just sitting on the dealers lots. Plus do they really think GE is going to give dealers an open check book to start buying. I don’t think so. Most dealers flooring lines will be cut in half which will take care of the old inventory, not any new stuff. They might think about waitng till spring 2010 and come out with 2011 early like Ford did with the 08 superduty. Good luck everyone.

  5. Joan S

    Brunswick knows the model lines that will sell.  As far as the small Sea Ray niche isn’t that interesting.  Big Name must be very little in inventory?  Why would that be?  Proud to have helpped  produce Baylier Maxum Trophy for over 25 years.

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