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Chip Fendt joined Statement Marine in a sales and customer service capacity.

Fendt, of Sarasota, Fla., is a world champion offshore racer with more than 30 years representing boat manufacturers such as Talon, Donzi, Hustler and Outerlimits.

The company, which launched at the Miami International Boat Show, plans production of only a half-dozen boats per year, which allows for the attention to detail necessary to achieve the high-end finished product offered by Statement.


2 comments on “Changing Places

  1. Bluewave Plastics

    Way to go Chip! Good Luck on your endeavors. It’s good to see that there are new boat companies setting sail out there. This slow down in the economics will make us all stronger when we come out the other side (which I believe will be sooner than later)
    It would be great to see Trade Only do an article on new upstart marine oriented companies to show others that we are not afraid to produce good quality products even with this economy!!

  2. Chip Fendt

      Thank you for the Post.  In this economy we have to think outside the box.  I grew up in this industry and have had the privildge to work for and alongside some tremendous mentors.  Dick Genth, Gorden Houser, Gary Armington, Paul & Mike Fiore, Charlie Haimes, Reggie Fountain just to name a few.  None of them ever gave up and have been or still floating on top.  Our new (2 Years in the making) company STATEMENT set out on a mission.  To build not only the best but to offer the highest quaility customer care and service.  I truley belive if we live up to our Statement they will come and stay Family members forever.
      Our industry as a whole may have water in it’s bilges but the good news is that our pumps are still running and the ship is still floating.  Leave the Drama to the Queens and stay positive.  Remember the Key to Life is understanding your problems, inside you will find the answers to correct and move forward.  Always look for the Good in the Bad I  “I always say”.
    Whoever shares the passion that I have for our industry, truley wish us ALL GODSPEED
    Ronald E (Chip) Fendt II

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