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041709HarrisThe Northwest Marine Trade Association appointed George Harris to be its next president when Michael Campbell retires July 1.

Harris has served as the NMTA’s boat show director and vice president since 1999. He was unanimously approved for his new post Wednesday at the association’s board of trustees meeting.

“George Harris has shown over the past 10 years that he is committed to the Northwest Marine Trade Association,” board chairman Dwight Jones said in a statement. “He has treated the membership with honesty and fairness and he truly understands the challenges that face our industry. George has the skills and knowledge to lead our association and it is gratifying to welcome him as our next president.”

Harris joined the NMTA in the summer of 1999 after spending eight years with Connelly Skis as a product and sales manager. He is a lifelong boater and a graduate of Michigan State University.

Campbell, who was hired as president in October 1999, has been at the helm of NMTA during one of its most prominent decades – growing the group’s Seattle Boat Show into one of the largest on the West Coast, developing a comprehensive regional Grow Boating program, and eliminating association debt of nearly $1 million.

“Michael Campbell has taken our association to a new level,” said Jones. “The many successes that have been achieved during his tenure are a testament to his hard work and visionary leadership.”

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Martini Yacht Sales of Stevensville, Md., added Jeff Martini to its sales team.

Martini first entered the boat business in 1973, working on the railway at Shady Oaks Marina. After a stint with the Public Works Department for Anne Arundel County, Md., he returned to the boat business in 1983.

Martini has held positions at Gates Marina in the parts and sales departments, eventually becoming the general manager; and at the yacht center as a broker and eventually sales manager. While at the yacht center, he attended Meridian Yacht University, receiving certificates in four consecutive years. In March, he made the move to Martini Yacht Sales to rejoin his brother, John.

Martini holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Maryland.

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Tiara Yachts hired marine industry veteran Paul Perry as its new head of international sales.

Perry will retain his responsibilities for Tiara’s sister company, Pursuit Boats, providing a strong complement of brands for him to offer as he further establishes strong overseas distribution for the company.

“Paul has been associated with our company since 1992 and has developed a keen awareness of the nuances of the international marine market,” Tiara Yachts president Robert Slikkers said in a statement. “We couldn’t have a more knowledgeable supporter of our brand responsible for such a critical part of our sales and distribution strategy.”

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