Florida marine businesses join to help charity

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Four Florida marine industry businesses are taking part in a Spin-A-Thon benefiting Kids in Distress in support of National Child Abuse Awareness Month.

The first Spin-A-Thon weekend April 17-18, featuring Triton newspaper, MHG Marine Benefits, International Maritime Associates and Quantum Marine will be held to raise awareness and funding for Kids In Distress.

Each participating marine company is assembling a team of enthusiastic cyclists, and individual team members are tasked with raising the support and donations of their friends, family members and business associates.

The goal is to raise $20,000 for Kids In Distress.

“To celebrate our fifth anniversary this month, we wanted to give back to the Fort Lauderdale community that has made our business possible, and what better way to do that than through our city’s largest industry – the marine industry,” said David Reed, publisher of Triton, the monthly yachting newspaper, in a statement.

Kids In Distress is a nationally accredited agency dedicated to the prevention of child abuse, preservation of the family and the care and treatment of abused and neglected children.

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