Marine trade group formed in Wisconsin

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Marina operators in Wisconsin now have their own trade group with the recent election of the board of directors for the new Wisconsin Marina Association.

The association is a collaborative effort with the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Wisconsin Coastal Management Program and Wisconsin Harbor Towns Association.

More than 20 interested marinas came together in 2007 to start the process. Financial assistance in 2008 from the Coastal Management Program and the Harbor Towns Association helped bring their plans to fruition.

The WMA will bring together like-minded owners and operators of marinas, boatyards, yacht clubs, and public and private moorage basins. The association will promote the ethical, educational, communicative and promotional advancement of the recreational boating industry in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Clean Marina Program, in partnership with the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute, will be launched this summer as a voluntary program promoting environmentally sensitive facility management and boating practices.

“This association will be the beginning of great networking opportunities for marina operators in Wisconsin. The industry stands only to gain by sharing ideas and successes,” said Jon Kukuk, owner and operator of Nestegg Marine of Marinette and the new chairman of the WMA.

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