Brunswick: We’ll make payments if you lose your job

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Several Brunswick brands – Bayliner, Maxum and Trophy – have announced a promotion where they will make the monthly boat payments for buyers who lose their jobs.

Under the payment protection plan, these boat lines will pay up to nine months of payments if the boat buyer loses his or her job within a year after the boat purchase.

“In today’s economy, it is important to alleviate consumer concerns over many issues, including the potential of job loss,” Brunswick chairman and CEO Dustan McCoy said in a statement. “So we’re addressing it in an effective and impactful manner within the marine community.”

The protection plan is being offered for all models in the Bayliner, Maxum and Trophy brand lines, with the qualifying monthly payments going up to $500. Customers must take delivery by July 6.

No other Brunswick brands were included in the announcement.

“It is a brand-by-brand decision,” Brunswick spokesman Dan Kubera told Soundings Trade Only. “As always, we will stay close not only with the dealer base of these three brands, but with all of our dealer base to see if such a measure will eventually embrace other brands in the Brunswick family.”

Similar promotions have been offered recently in the auto industry by Hyundai, Ford and General Motors, Brunswick officials noted.

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5 comments on “Brunswick: We’ll make payments if you lose your job

  1. gasrguy

    Does that mean that all the Brunswick employees who were laid off get a free boat until they find another job?

  2. Yachtman

    They have to be kidding. A guy is worried about a losing his job is not going to go out and buy a boat.

  3. Arch

    I wonder what BRANIAC came up with this idea.  Do they really think it’s going to have much of an impact?  REALLY?

  4. Nice Gesture

    Don’t know if it will have an impact or not ? However, nice gesture, doing nothing is not an option.  I guess that’s what you expect from a leader. 

  5. JR Goodman

     What they forget is, when the Auto Industry does it, they also supoort it heavily with advertising. The boat industry says, here is a great program, now figure out what to do with it. Then when it fails they cliam the dealers did nothing to support it

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