Former Bentley Industries owner back with new boat company

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The city council in Mexico, Mo., approved a new lease agreement Tuesday with Encore Boat Builders LLC, which is operated by the former owner of Bentley Industries.

The city of Mexico and Bentley Industries, which closed in January, entered into a lease agreement in 2005, according to a report in The Mexico Ledger. In January, Bentley turned the operation over to Mercury Marine, which defaulted and had its lease terminated by the city. Mercury is a division of Brunswick Corporation and was a secured creditor of Bentley.

Encore Boat Builders completed the purchase of the inventory, equipment, fixtures and leasehold improvement from Mercury Marine, the newspaper reports. On Tuesday, the company asked the council to allow the new business to lease the property on terms and conditions similar to those leased to Bentley.

Encore made a payment of $9,439 May 12 and agreed to deliver to the city a promissory note in the amount of $84,303 as payment for the right to occupy the premises.

Steve Deese, the president of Encore Boat Builders who also owned Bentley, said Encore has purchased all of the assets from Mercury and is ready to start production, the newspaper reports. He said the company plans to start with a dozen employees and eventually rehire its original workers who want their jobs back.

“We are excited to come back,” Deese told The Ledger. “We had an exceptionally good relationship before, and feel it’s a good location to do our business.”

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18 comments on “Former Bentley Industries owner back with new boat company

  1. J.L.S.

    They joined with Mercury to muddy the water one time.This is probably another shot at it.

  2. abc boat dealer

    Good luck picking up existing Bentley dealers holding pontoons in their inventory with no warranty. Shame on Steve Deese.

  3. DFM

    I wonder if their dealer network will be selling current product on Ebay like they were before. Just list it at dealer cost and see what it brings. What a way to run a company. Then let the legitamate dealers and boat companies try to clean up the mess!! Where are the consumer protection advocates when you need them?

  4. Happy dealer

    It’s great to see Deese back in the industry!  Does he have to change the name on his jet from Bentley to Encore or was the plane taken in the previous bankruptcy?

  5. dealer who knows

    Soon you will hear the real story and see that Deese had nothing to do with the Bentley failure. He had sold out to another company and retired and is now trying to bring the Bentley pontoon back as before.

  6. abc boat dealer

    Steve Deese may not have been running Bentley at the time, but he still owned a portion of the company. He made special deals with the so called Ebay dealers (CGM), and reputable dealers lost deals because of it. If they’re building the same boats, why couldn’t he pick up warranties on the Bentleys. Sounds to me like he doesn’t have much confidence in his own boats. Yes,I was a Bentley dealer, so I know. How can I look my customers in the eye and sell the Encore boats??

  7. puzzled

    Bentley’s attitude towards dealers and consumers was pathetic.  Any dealer who jumps back in bed with this snake deserves what he gets.
    Warranty on the crap we sold before?  Yeah, right…..

  8. swa1984

    I owned a 2007 Bentley 240 Cruise. After two years it was junk. If I were a dealer I would RUN!  The quality of Bentley is pathetic. They need to take a lesson from Premier and build something that will make customers return.

  9. Bentley dealer

    Why does Steve think Bentley dealers will pick up his line again? He is not honoring the warranty on the old boats but the new boats are still going to look the same and still be called a bentley.So try calming down a customer who bought a boat from you in the past with no warranty when your selling the new ones in your yard… Man what a scam.. I know he didnt put it under but call it something else or honor you warranty… they say they cant legaly cover the old warranty but if you have a 2009 in your yard not sold he will give it a warranty to help you sell it and buy new boats…SCAM i say… I really really have no respect for any old bentley dealer who would put these back on their yard… unless they are personally covering the warranty on anything they sold in the past.. If not they are ripping off the public just like Bentley… What if General Motors closed their doors and reopened next week and sold the same cars, didnt warranty cars sold prior to the reopen , would that be accepted?? i dont think so .. so why now..SCAM SCAM…just my 2cents

  10. dcmom67

    According to my research so far, Deese told me personally, over the phone on Jan 26, 2009, that he was in the transition of becoming the owner again and would do what he could to take care of numerous warranty issues on my boat, including a seat I sent to them Oct 5, 2008, after the transition was done and for me to call him 2 weeks later.  Of course, no answer, no voicemail available due to it being full, and then number disconnected.  I contacted Mercury Marine who states they never purchased Bentley and told me “you can’t believe everything that you read.”  Pretty sad that Deese is now owner of a “new” company, building boats in the same location as Bentley and naming them Bentley Encore, but yet doesn’t want to cover warranty issues on the previous Bentley’s.  My dealer won’t do any warranty work for me, which I don’t blame him, so does anyone have any other information they can give regarding Steve Deese and Bentley?

  11. Plumeriaman777

    I have been trying to get information on warranty for my Bentley pontoon since February.  phone calls and emails have not been returned and I am at a loss and frustrated that I have issues with my boat and can’t get warranty information.  – my dealer is no longer working on Bentley.  does anyone have any information on what company is covering warranty?  Issues I have are with paint peeling and bubbling over entire boat and upholstery is cracking all over boat.  Anyone iwth insight would be appreciated.

  12. Nancy

    I have purchase a new Bently pontoon in  2008.  and have had problems with one of the Pontoon as it is taking.  I have contacted the deal and no one seem to want to help me regarding this issue.  Im planning on going to better business

  13. korby57

    i bought a 2006 bentley 240 cruise from midwest marine, in lake st, luois, mo. since day one i have had nothing but problems with the interior. the seats continue to mildew no matter what i do. i just spent 5 hours cleaning the boat to put away for the winter, and cannot get the mildew off the seats. i just found out that this company went belly up. ww should all get together and pay steve deese a visit, and the mexico, mo. city council a visit. this is ridiculous.

  14. boat buyer too

    I hear a lot of customers complaining.  Out of curiosity, did anyone question the product when they paid thousands less than any other pontoon?  You get what you pay for.

  15. E Smith

    I made the mistake once and bought a new Bentley 240 Fish. What a piece of crap. Seats and carpet came apart within 4 months of purchase. When I asked about warranty I was told there was none.Now I’m stuck with the task of trying to find a replacement seat and carpet package that will fit. Thanks Steve, it’s been a pleasure….not.

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