Gas prices up, but not as high as last year

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While gas prices are rising across the country, on average they are nearly $1.50 cheaper per gallon than this time last year, AAA reports.

As of Tuesday morning, the average price of self-serve regular in the United States was slightly above $2.31 per gallon – about 9 cents higher than one week ago. But that’s down from $3.79 this time last May.

This morning, trading oil prices stood at $59.24 a barrel. On this day in 2008, oil closed at $126.51 a barrel.

“While the climb in oil and gasoline prices will not be cheered by consumers, it does indicate a certain degree of optimism in the future of the economy and relative comfort with the current retail price of gasoline,” AAA said in a report.

Historically, gas prices are at their highest during midsummer, peaking sometime between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Click here to read AAA’s fuel gauge report.


One comment on “Gas prices up, but not as high as last year

  1. Rich Shamory

    I don’t know the d— fool was that wrote this topic about higher gasoline prices, but who ever it was, understand this; WE are not stupid, the high oil prices last year “SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN ALLOWED TO HAPPEN”  AND THE —–JERKS WHO CAUSED THIS COUNTRY TO BE IN THE SITUATION WE’RE IN TODAY, SHOULD BE STRIPPED OF ALL THEIR POSSESSIONS AND HUNG FROM THE FLAG POLES OUT SIDE WALL STREET.
    As you can guess, the fool got my blood boiling with this topic.
    Unfortunately we have some spinless b—— in this country that are only interested in filling their pockets with our hard earned money. They wouldn’t know what a hard days work is and for sure they didn’t give a damn. A lot of good people are suffering as a result of their greedy actions and you say gasoline was higher last year! You fool, it’s jerks like that, that got us where this country is today, but I can assure you, we won’t sit by and let them do it again…..

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