More builders delaying 2010 rollouts

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The Marine Retailers Association of America is surveying manufacturers to see how many plan to move back the rollout of 2010 models, and early results show many plan to wait until early fall to introduce new product.

The survey was sent to 350 boatbuilders, according to MRAA president Phil Keeter. Results from 25 manufacturers — received only a few days after the survey was mailed — show 17 plan to introduce their 2010s in September or October.

These include 10 previously announced Brunswick lines and Everglades Boats. Other manufacturers planning fall rollouts include Cobia, GillGetter, Hewes, Maverick, Pathfinder, Qwest and Southland.

Those planning summer rollouts, according to the survey results, include Aspen Power Catamarans, Avalon Pontoon Boats, possibly Centurian, Formula, Gekko, Manitou Pontoon Boats, Splendor Boats and Tahoe Pontoon Boats.

Keeter said he’s encouraged by the results and hopes they may persuade other manufacturers to push back their rollouts.

“I had an idea we were going that way,” Keeter told Soundings Trade Only. “[Manufacturers] can’t get dealers to buy product right now, so there’s no point in introducing that product in June or July.”

“That’s really a waste of their time,” he added. “That’s spending a bunch of money and a bunch of effort for something that they’re not going to get much back on.”

Keeter said he’s hoping for at least a 20 percent response rate to the survey.

Look for more on the 2010 model rollout in the June issue of Soundings Trade Only.

— Beth Rosenberg


7 comments on “More builders delaying 2010 rollouts

  1. Curtis

    Are the manufatures kidding us, as dealers we still have 07,08,09 product and if they think any of us are going to order 2010 product, they are in for a big surprise. The manufactures should concentrate on helping the dealers move what we have in stock. #1 GE will not be increasing lines to acomidate 2010 and if the dealers still have a bunch of old stuff even if there is room on the line, GE will not authorize anything new. Plus with GE’s new program of starting to pay curtailments at 9 months why would I order anything in September. If the boat sits which it will by the time free flooring stops, curtailments start, so now I am paying curtailments and interest on a boat. I don’t think so. Manufactures need to wake up and come up with a new way of doing business. The oldin days are gone and what dealers are left have got to be able to make money (ie margin and profit) or they will not survive. Personally I will be using a consignment method of buying boats from the manufactures. You put on the lot and I will pay you when it sells. Sounds fair to me. This will help in the manufacture taking a little more interest in what we have instead of just filling us up.

  2. Lou

    We have been in the boat business for over 30 years. During that period of time we have handled a number of different brands of boats. About 10-12 years ago we totally quit stocking any new boats because of the release date for the new models. We are in northern Pennsylvania. Our boat season starts about Memorial Day and that is about when our selling season starts in this area. I refused to purchase boats when they would be a model year old by the end of May or the first of June.
    Some of the boat lines we handled in the past included Baja, Sunrunner, Hydrostream, Eliminator, Grumman, Mariah, and others. Do all of those names sound familiar? They are all out of business and each one of them kept pushing the release dates earlier and earlier. Wonder why?
    The only way that I will ever stock any new boats again is on a consignment basis. No outright purchasing, No floor plan. So if any manufacturer would like to have their line of pontoon boats or small runabouts represented in the northwest Pa. area, please contact me about putting them in on consignment.

  3. George

    Just wondering…..if the Builder is going to buy the materials, build the boat, hang the engine, transport the boat and then self finance the boat until Curtis or Lou sell it ….why wouldn’t the builder simply built a factory direct store instead?
    In the consigment scenerio as presented above,  the builder would have all the risk, no protection if the boats went SOT, no say on final pricing, while sharing a significant portion of the net net. 
    Just tossing it out there as a view from the other side of the fence – not trying to start a riot.
    As another afterthought….we are starting to get the normal barrage of “can our boats on order now be shipped as 2010’s – or do we need to hold our orders?” 
    I sent an email survey to our Dealers last week on this year’s Model Year date change over as same, earlier or later?
    It pretty much was a 3 way tie. So there you go, back to square 1.

  4. curtis

    George, the reason manufactures do not do factory stores is because they would suck at it. Retail is a different world than manufacturing.
    Maybe the consignment thing works with set pricing. Then at least dealers would not be trying to under cut each other and actually sell the customer on the value in the boat instead of dropping the price.
    The manufactures need to have a little more at stake, maybe then the dealers would not be a dumping ground.
    Have a nice day

  5. Douglas W. Reimel

    Just like the government, the cart is before the horse. Everyone wants to “FIX” the liquidity issues of the big banks or floor plan companies. If retail financing was working “it is broken” then the liquidity issues for everyone involved would be working just fine.  Does anybody know what batteries go into this crystal ball? It does not work very well. It just says DUH!
    Have a great day

  6. Chris

    2010 model year!?   are you guys kidding me.  The residual value buyer (used boat customer) is gone, and with this market gone, the very limited number of qualified new boat buyers are stuck with the boat they already own.  The production boat building industry must face the reality of the market and the significantly lower production volume requirements.
    Take a good look at the automotive industry (40+% down) and remember that middle America has to drive to work BEFORE driving to the boat yard or launching ramp.
    2010 model year…try planning for 2011 instead.

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