Most popular, funniest boat names released

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Seas the Day tops the list of most popular boat names, according to BoatU.S.

The remainder of the top 10 are: Summer Daze, Second Chance, Aqua-Holic, Wind Seeker, Dream Weaver, Black Pearl, Hydrotherapy, The Salt Shaker and Sea Quest.

The editors of BoatU.S. magazine also voted on the most humorous boat names. Here’s the top 10:

  1. What College Fund?
  2. Stocks-N-Blonds
  3. Anchor Management
  4. Sweet Em-Ocean
  5. Knotty Buoy
  6. Reel-e-Fish-ent
  7. A-Frayed Knot
  8. O-Sea-D
  9. A-Loan-Again
  10. Really Big Car


10 comments on “Most popular, funniest boat names released

  1. bob park

    Most boaters are deservedly proud of the name on their vessel.  My 2 boats went through a naming process which is probably more humorous than the names themselves, but both are appropriately named for the type of vessel. 
    When I first bought my 16 ft CDory fishing boat, I had planned to name it Bobs Around.  My neighbor, who knows me well, suggested that I name it Putz Around, because I was one, so I did. 
    This turned out well when I bought my 32 ft BurnsCraft, because I could then name the houseboat appropriately Bobs Around.  So, if you are ever at the New Bridge Marina in Antioch, CA you will see both tucked into the same slip proudly displaying their handles as you enter the marina.

  2. Greg Urquhart

    Friends in Wanaka, New Zealand were proud as punch with their new Jet Boat…Linda the wife was heard in the background a few times commenting “Thats My New Kitchen” in reference to not upgrading the house interior…few months later the name on the boat appeared…My New Kitchen…

  3. marie dufour

    When we 1st towed our 1st boat (a run-down 17 footer), the trailer became unhitched on a downhill and the kids in the back of the van started screaming, “Look, the boat is passing us!”… since, the boat has been called “Run Away”

  4. Bob Harris

    We just bought a bigger boat.  As a family, we started with 42 names.  Through a legitimate voting process, we got down to one.  Then everyone cried about the name.  Since we are Parrotheads, my oldest son said, “Buffett Buffet”.  I like it.    Never seen it.  It’s what we do.  Done.  Sold.  Buffett Buffet.

  5. David Parker

    When in the Bahamas a number of years ago, I saw a yacht named “Simple Interest” the dinghy was named “Add-On”.  Must have been owned by a banker.

  6. Patrick BdL

    The funniest name I saw was a very large cabin cruiser named “Change Order”
    Someone in construction?

  7. FirstBoat

    It’s interesting to see the overlap (or lack of) between the Boat US list, and the list that was released earlier in the year by
    FirstBoat’s number two name was Carpe Diem, which is similar to the above list’s top name, Seas the Day.
    Aqua-Holic is in the top 5 on both lists.
    No other overlap except for Anchor Management which is in the Boat US ‘funny’ list, but was actually among the most popular overall at
    The entire FirstBoat top boat names list is: 1. Happy Ours2. Carpe Diem3. Aqua – Holic4. State of Mind5. Anchor Management6. The Office7. Feelin’ Nauti8. Yes Dear9. Sundance10. Serenity Now

  8. Colby Cooper

    Some of the funniest ones i have heard include….
    Wet Dream
    Plan B
    Called in Sick
    and the Never Sink II

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