Multiple fatalities in Louisiana boating accident

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Five men were killed Wednesday in Louisiana when their 24-foot aluminum boat ran under a barge.

According to a report on, state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Capt. Samuel Martin said the boat hit the barge Wednesday, but wasn’t discovered until Thursday morning. Martin says all bodies have been recovered, and investigators are working to notify the men’s families.

It happened about 60 miles southwest of New Orleans on the Falgout Canal.

This is just the latest in a string of high-profile boating accidents that have happened in the last few months.

Survivors of a fatal Easter Sunday boating accident in Palm Valley, Fla., are suing Crownline Boats, alleging that the “unsafe design” of the bowrider contributed to the crash.

Fourteen people were on the Crownline, two more than the 12 passengers it is designed to hold, when it hit a push boat in the Intracoastal Waterway.

The plaintiffs in that case are seeking $75,000 in damages.


7 comments on “Multiple fatalities in Louisiana boating accident

  1. CaptainAndrew

    Yet another example to support reasons for a recreational boaters license issued by the USCG.
    I know alot of people in this recreatioanl boating indiustry are against the idea;  I am for it.

  2. Capt RT

    Licensing recreational boaters won’t eliminate stupidity and the failure to use common sense!
    None of us like to learn about tragic accidents and certainly our hearts go out to the remaining family members but the simply fact is, licensing and control of participants in any recreational activity, including driving an automobile, has never eliminated accidents that occur as a result of failure to exercise good judgement.
    Education and training is the answer.  Those of us connected to recreational boating should make a better effort to encourage this via the sources available, i.e. The United States Power Squadron and The United States Coast Guard Auxillary. 

  3. RickD

    Licensing, Captain, doesn’t prevent stupidity and you know it. Only EDUCATION does that.  Licensing, is simply another government program that will be mismanaged, mishandled, cheated on, taking money out of the pockets of people.  Give the licensing crap a REST.
    How about we just morne the stupidity – and loss of those men and chalk it up to something people like to call “Darwinism”… the survival  of the fitest. Or smartest.
    Nothing like a little chlorine in the gene pool.

  4. Capt Dan

    Capt RT is right education, we don’t need another federal or for that matter state intrusion into our lives. Boating can be dangerous. It’s the nut behind the wheel. A license won’t change that.
    The key …if you want to do something, is make every boater carry insurance and let the insurance companies verify the education and skill level. I have been on two boats this year that the owners were required to have a licensed USCG captain on baord for the first season of operstion.

  5. CharlieCobra

    You can’t legislate stupidity or eliminate failed darwinism candidates with licensing.  Training is the only way.

  6. saltydog

    Captain Andrew,
    Only an idiot would want the government more involved with our boating.  These are the same people that brought you the US postal service, Social Security, Medicaid.  Now they are going to control banking, car manufacturers, insurance, and etc.
    I’ve got an idea!  Why don’t they enforce the laws that are already on the books.

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