Newport Beach show organizers ‘very pleased’

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Organizers of the 36th annual Newport (Calif.) Boat Show say despite a drop in attendance, the atmosphere of the show was “overwhelmingly positive” and many boats were sold.

The show, which took pace April 15-19 in Newport Beach, Calif., saw an 11.2 percent drop in attendance. Exact figures were unavailable, organizers said.

“We were apprehensive going in, then the exhibit sign-ups took off and we breathed a sigh of relief,” said Duncan McIntosh, producer of the event. “When opening day rolled around, we didn’t know what to expect – then the consumers began to turn out

“We are very pleased,” he added. “This would be a good show in any economy.”

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One comment on “Newport Beach show organizers ‘very pleased’

  1. Carcrash

    We did not go this year, because the industry simply has no models that are forward looking. They all assume cheap oil. The days of cheap oil are over. A new boat is a long term commitment. Our next boat will be substantially less expensive to operate.
    Beyond just the fuel, however, is that boats have become too complicated, and almost impossible to repair. They are filled with interior pieces that rattle, mold, and mildew. Devices that will need regular service, repair, and replacement are inaccessible. I asked one broker, “What do you do when that macerator pump fails?” “Buy a new boat!”
    The marinas are full. But the boats are all getting fatter and fatter, heavier and heavier, so legally trailerable boats are getting rarer and rarer, and/or shorter and shorter.
    Everyone who already owns, or has owned, a boat hows that the purchase price is the trivial expense. Its the maintenance, and the marina/shipyard costs that really cause one to “break out the boat bucks.” So we all know what the next boat needs to be: cheap to run, cheap to repair, cheap to store. Yet the builders think we are either stoopid, or so rich that money just does not matter.
    No wonder sales are down. Its not just the economy, its the products on the market.

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