Repo boats available in BoatTrader-GE arrangement

Posted on and GE Capital’s Commercial Distribution Finance announced an agreement that gives authorized marine retailers an opportunity to purchase current and non-current repossessed boats through CDF.

“Today’s market and economic conditions have led to above-average levels of inventory,” said Bruce Van Wagoner, CDF marine president, in a statement. “This is driving the need for CDF to liquidate inventory quickly through the wholesale channel.”

CDF will offer these units to the wholesale channel through the recently launched wholesale tab in Boat Trader’s Inventory Management Tool. Marine dealers in the Boat Trader network will have immediate access to the wholesale tab, where they can view, inspect and purchase these units.

“Boat Trader’s dealer network is nearly 3,000 strong, and we are excited to help companies like GE CDF to market repossessed inventory to the wholesale purchaser,” said David Bingham, general manager of, in a statement. “Dealers have requested access to purchase repossessed units from CDF in the past, and this offering is in direct response to that request.”

Boat Trader will also help dealers that purchase wholesale units in their promotional efforts.

Marine retailers not presently with are invited to join the network to showcase their inventory to more than 1.5 million consumers each month and gain immediate access to GE Capital, CDF’s wholesale inventory. And, for a limited time, Boat Trader is offering a dealer gallery banner to GE dealers that sign up.

Boat Trader and Soundings Publications are divisions of Dominion Enterprises.


2 comments on “Repo boats available in BoatTrader-GE arrangement

  1. Charles Bullock

    It would seem that GE Capitol is short changing themselves by not offering their repo vessels to any and all dealers. Why would you limit the scope of potential buyers? Doesn’t make sound finanical sense.
    Thank you

  2. Ken Grant Westbrook Marine

    GE came onboard in the marine industry as a power home of financial knowledge, and bang. I have never seen a business so ready to dump their business plan as GE did. Firing all rep’s and replacing them with hired in financial experts (so called) to cut away at the back bone of this industry to save their own skin. Dropping dealers who pay their interest before they pay themselves is and was a big mistake. I say let GE eat those boats, outboards, motorcycles and RV’s, don’t buy what their offering, contact the manufactures and buy new from them (that’s how we can save this market). GE has made its own bed, now we have to let them lie in it.
    Out of Business with the help of GE.

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