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Simrad-Yachting of Nashua, N.H., is offering a limited-time promotion on GB40 Glass Bridge System purchases.

Customers who buy a 10-, 15- or 19-inch GB40 model between now and June 30 will receive a free Sirius WX receiver. A GB40 Version 5.7.25 software update is also now available.

Offering GB40 users support for Navico’s SIRIUS weather module and BR24 Broadband Radar, the upgrade also provides optimized night palette readability, improved access to main functions, OP30 operator panel assignment and chart uploading and more, according to Simrad.

The Simrad GB40 Glass Bridge combines 3-D electronic charting, high-definition radar and advanced fishing capabilities to deliver professional-grade power and functionality to boaters. With the addition of the Sirius WX receiver, GB40 users can access subscription-based satellite radio programming and forecast information.

“We are confident the promotion will increase the value of and strengthen excitement for some of Simrad-Yachting’s most innovative products this season,” said Paul Comyns, director of marketing for the B&G, Northstar and Simrad brands of Navico.

Click here for information, or call (800) 628-4487 in the United States or (800) 661-3983 in Canada.

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