California legislation could alter access

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As California lawmakers move forward with the Marine Life Protection Act, boaters and anglers are urged to take action against the measure.

According to the state’s Department of Fish and Game, the MLPA directs the state to re-evaluate and redesign California’s system of marine protected areas.

The concern for boaters and anglers is that this could lead to extensive ocean closures along California’s more than 1,000 miles of coastline.

The stated purpose of the MLPA is to increase coherence and effectiveness in protecting the state’s marine life and habitats, marine ecosystems and marine natural heritage, as well as to improve recreational, educational and study opportunities provided by marine ecosystems subject to minimal human disturbance.

Click here for information on how you can take action against this measure.

Click here for a Los Angles Times article on the topic.

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One comment on “California legislation could alter access

  1. Jay Veach

    Where were you guys when we were screaming about this outrageous act and the closures of our central coast and northern coast fishereies.
    It is way too late to stop this machine. It is financially backed by one of the world’s most powerful women with deep ties into the State’s Dept. of Fish & Game and numerous environmental groups which she funds.
    Her “hand picked” panel of “experts” will fake their concerns for our industry and fisheries, but their agenda is to ban boating and fishing along California’s waterways. After they screw over Southern California, they are coming back to the San Francisco Bay Area and will then eliminate fishing in the prime areas of the Bay and Delta.
    We tried to get everyone’s attention three years ago…but the fishing lobby and the marine lobby were more concerned about areas in the East…guess what, they won’t stop. Once they have the blueprint in California, the rest of the country is at risk.
    She has billons to spend and an agenda that is based on outlawing fishing.
    Hang on, it is only going to get rougher.

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