Garmin issues BlueChart recall

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Garmin Ltd. is conducting a voluntary product safety recall of the 2009 version of its marine cartography data card known as BlueChart g2 and g2 Vision.

The affected data cards were sold between April 8 and June 3. In certain waters, the data card provides inaccurate indications of the depth of the water, which creates a risk of boats going aground, according to the company.

Garmin says it has only received reports of data cards giving inaccurate depth indications in the waters along the coast of Sweden and Denmark. Nevertheless, the company says it decided to issue a global recall.

Affected products are the 2009 version of the BlueChart g2 in Garmin proprietary card format, BlueChart g2 in microSD/SD card format and BlueChart g2 Vision in microSD/SD card format.

Affected customers will be provided with a free replacement BlueChart or BlueChart g2 Vision v2008.5. When the 2009 version has been corrected, Garmin intends to make it available free of charge to those customers.

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One comment on “Garmin issues BlueChart recall

  1. Wes Fritz

    I use my boat on Long Beach Island NJ where I have found that the “Guide to” portion is not available when traveling in the bays from Brant Beach NJ , North for a location in Barnegat Light.  Once I pass under the Manahawkin Bridge heading North near Surf City it will work on the “Guide To”  I have contacted Garmin twice…that shoots the day on hold and was told two different stories.  It may be a depth issue North of Brant Beach (Impossible as it is the ICW ) the other is the 1/08 version won’t recognize depths under 6′ again impossible as it recognizes anything south of Beach Haven Terrace (Southwicks Marina) to Atlantic City where there is plenty of 4 foot water in the ICW.
    I was also told a new version was available after 5-1 however there is No mailers to mail them out at this time to the customers or the Stores like West Marine.  Again Impossible Huh?
    Garmin, get your act together…get the right answer and get us the cards we spent $290. for on 4-1-08.
    Feel free to contact me: Wes Fritz email

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