Goetz building boats again after receivership

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Goetz Custom Technologies of Bristol, R.I., unveiled plans to build the first of its new semicustom sailboats, the G58 designed by German Frers Naval Architects.

This is the first boat being produced by Eric Goetz since his former company, Eric Goetz Custom Sailboats, was petitioned into receivership in January. Goetz Custom Technologies in March purchased the assets of the former company from the state-appointed receiver after bidding $450,000.

All of the company’s previous boats were custom-built. Semicustom boats are expected to reach a broader audience because the number of people interested in cruising or cruising/racing boats is much larger than the market for custom racing boats, the company said.

Goetz says he chose the G58 as the new company’s first semicustom boat because of the worldwide respect for German Frers Yacht Design and because of the great relationship he has had with the firm through the years.

“It made great sense to work with them on this project,” Goetz told Soundings Trade Only. “Plus, they also sensed the growing demand for faster semicustom yachts that took advantage of the same strong, lightweight construction methodologies that we have used for custom sailboats such as IlMostro [of the Puma Ocean Racing Team].”

He says the same boatbuilding method and the prepreg carbon fiber materials will give the new G58 a lightweight but extremely strong, hull. Speeds of more than 15 knots are achievable on reaches, and speeds on any point of sail will be at least 20 percent faster than comparable boats made of other materials, according to Goetz.

“One of the other terrific features of the G58 is that all the sail-handling gear is aft of the wheel. So everyone in the cockpit has a panoramic, unimpeded view forward in addition to being able to enjoy the added comfort that this arrangement provides,” he said in a statement.

The G58 has a main, roller furling jib and an asymmetrical spinnaker, as well as a four-cylinder Volvo Penta D2-75 engine. The G58 will be available for delivery by spring 2010.

Goetz’s future plans include a G101 sailing yacht that will also be a Frers design. He also plans to introduce a G70 Motoryacht designed by C. Raymond Hunt & Associates. Other motoryacht designs will follow, Goetz said.


5 comments on “Goetz building boats again after receivership

  1. Phil Friedman

    You know, you guys really should put someone at least minimally educated in bankruptcy law and procedures on these stories. I do not pretend to know the factual details, but it would appear that Eric Goetz did not “retain ownership of his company” but more likely bought the liquidated assets out of bankruptcy (proceeds of the purchase going to the creditors), and started a new company, Goetz Custom Technologies. There is a significant difference.
    I believe that we are entering a period in the marine industry of crisis management by bankruptcy (both Ch. 11 and Ch. 7); and that you would do a service to the industry and you readers by making sure that your reporting during this period is accurate. Bankruptcy needs to be much better understood, if we are to avoid panic in the industry.

  2. dan shea

    Your elucidation on the topic is as twisted as your management.
    Thou knowest no shame.
    Dan Shea

  3. Phil Friedman

    As you know, or should know, my management actions during the period in question were clearly detailed in the report of the Bankruptcy Court appointed Independent Examiner, Ralph Anzivino, of Marquette University, which examination and report did not disclose any improprieties.
    But then, as I remember, you never did allow fact to interfere with your own games and agenda.

  4. Editor

    Editor’s note:
    This thread is closed. Please keep comments germane to the subject at hand.

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