Grow Boating’s national ad campaign put on hold another year

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The National Marine Manufacturers Association’s board of directors voted unanimously at its May meeting to continue the redirection of Grow Boating funds until June 30, 2010.

Last year, it was agreed the industry would be better served by redirecting 85 percent of assessments toward a combination of efforts designed to increase dealer sales, while maintaining some momentum of the Discover Boating campaign. The remaining 15 percent would support public relations,, Marine Industry Dealership Certification and a few additional core programs.

“The state of the market is such that with wholesale shipments … down 70 percent there just isn’t enough funds to create a critical mass for a national advertising campaign, and so it was felt that the manufacturers could use that money more effectively to help their dealers with sales today rather than promoting the lifestyle for future sales,” Thom Dammrich, president of NMMA and Grow Boating Inc., told Soundings Trade Only this morning.

“All the other aspects of the program are intact and running at full speed,” he added.

Marketing efforts include a Discover Boating Facebook page with more than 6,000 “fans,” using Twitter to interact with consumers, adding a “social” room with a blog to and the “I Discovered Boating” ad contest, which has received 150 entries, Dammrich said.

In addition, public relations efforts are continuing, as the NMMA works to get the word out about the boating lifestyle to producers and editors in hopes they will run stories on boating.

Dammrich said the board is hoping to resume a national ad campaign next year.

“I hope that the market has recovered sufficiently by then that it will make sense to do that,” he said.

— Beth Rosenberg


2 comments on “Grow Boating’s national ad campaign put on hold another year

  1. Franklin Pillsbury

    Dallas Boat Shows belives there is still new BUYERS in North Texas.
    This a clip from a Media alert that just went out………….
    Texas has plenty to offer boating enthusiasts along with the perfect way to beat the heat with more than 6,000 square miles of lakes and streams and hundreds of miles of coastline.    Water is within easy access of every Texan and a wide variety of water sports are possible.   Whether it’s fishing, tubing, skiing, wakeboarding or just cruising along enjoying the scenery, there are few forms of recreation that offer families ranging from grandparents to toddlers the chance to enjoy being together like a day on the water.  And the money spent on boating is an investment in multiple entertainment options for many years.

    Now, consumers have a new website to answer questions about the fun, affordable sport of boating in Texas.  The website is courtesy of the Dallas International Boat Show and the Dallas Summer Boat Show and Sale and links to the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) website.

    Attached is an advisory about the fun, new site:

  2. twisted dealer

    I love  all of this crap about the grow boating campaign..I’m just glad that I’m not a dealer anymore…since I’ve begain working for a major manufactor…I yet been able to get anyone in marketing to give me a reasonable benchmark as to the results of this dealer tax…I’m totally against it,and will do everything I can to kick it…I spent 18 years of my life as a Mercury Dealer and I can tell you one thing..if I had to eat this medicne so some one could draw a 100k plus saliry running it I would bail out asap…who ever is running the ads must be on drugs because when I saw the dog video..I about thru-up,shoot the whole video was based on the dang dog nothing else…I can tell you one thing being a sucessful Glastron and Procraft dealer had nothing to do with dogs, but getting whole family involved…but the worse part about it is that the NMMA thinks that all dealers are idiots and can’t promote their own biz so they invented a CON-JOB to create a 100k plus a year job to promote the boat biz at the dealers expense…but its been a failure..ha! 6600 people on tweeter and facbook…150 entries on I discover boating….ha! man are they on crack or what…it makes me ashamed to be around some of the folks…a McDonalds drive-thru at one location gets more traffic than that… they think we are idiots or what…wow..all I can say is wow…they are going “full steam ahead” with other projects…wow..just remember  the true mark of a CON_ARTIST is the fact that “they” get away with it..with NO oversight..just remember that

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