ITT Rule Industries moving production to Mexico

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ITT Rule Industries is moving its production line from Massachusetts to Mexico, its corporate parent announced Monday.

Nearly 90 jobs will be lost because of the move, the Gloucester Daily Times reports.

Cuts to the local work force will be phased in starting in August and accelerated through the fall, until all manufacturing is halted by the end of this year, company officials told the newspaper.

“It’s one of the situations we’ve had to face due to the unprecedented downturn in the marine and recreational vehicle industry, which we support,” human resources director Jim Pokora told Soundings Trade Only.

The company, he said, already has manufacturing facilities in Mexico.

Rule pumps and associated products are sold through retail marine dealers, national marine retailers and consumer mass marketers. Wholesale distributors provide product availability and technical support to dealers, boat repair facilities and custom boatbuilders, according to the company’s Web site.

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9 comments on “ITT Rule Industries moving production to Mexico

  1. Cricket

    Why are they leaving?  Are they paying high Union wages or are the taxes in Massachusettes driving them out?  Is Atlas Shrugging?

  2. Captfog

    I hope the Obama adinistration walks the walk and penalizes Rule for moving jobs out of the U.S.  Rule claims all their competitors are manufacturing in Mexico or China.  Maybe so, but it has to stop somewhere and if Rule stayed and advertised the fact they were USA built, perhaps more of us would buy USA made to make a global statement.

  3. Boatman

    Very dissapppointing to say the least.  I have probably installed my last Rule pump.

  4. JG

    Don’t blame the company for wanting to compete and survive.  Blame Obama and Kennedy and the rest of the tax, spend and regulate politicians who have made it impossible to manufacture anything in the US anymore. If Obama really cares about US jobs he will help American companies to be more successful.  The companies aren’t the bad guys.  The politicians are.

  5. Swampfox

    Don’t blame Obama or any other politician, political rhetoric just doesn’t cut it.
    The insensitivity of ITT Rule at this time is unfortunate. They certainly aren’t making any fans, in fact they are losing customers. I’ll vote with my pocketbook and not buy Rule products, simple.
    Marine products are already premium priced. Rule has always put out a good quality product, one which continued to sell even surrounded by many foreign made and less expensive brands. This move which could only be for greater profitability hits the wrong chord in me and I suspect many others.
    A good quality product will continue to sell, even at a higher price point. So why the move Rule?

  6. Lost sailor

    I will tell everyone I know about this and I’m sure I will not be the only one that stops purchasing Rule.

  7. Travis10

    Rule could be making a mistake here. Manufacturing in third world countries is cheap in terms of labor but faces quality, cultural, ethical, productivity, and currency volatility to name a few. While many of these are perhaps controlled by moving into an ITT plant, it will remain to be seen how well this works out.
    For those who have been in the industry for a while, Attwood tried to move their stainless operation to Mexico. After two or three years, they wrote off millions in the investment and moved back to their former source.
    Marinco is reportedly doing the same thing with shore power. Not that easy to do.

  8. Made in USA

    Mass. taxes are probably horrendous…..theyre going to wish they moved to Iowa or someplace instead of Mexico. I did that trick in my business 10 yrs ago and it lasted 3 yrs with terrible losses….they will learn the meaning of “Mordida” when the try to comply with the NAFTA crap and see how corrupt Mexico is…..No en heche de mexico
    I’ll switch to Johnson pumps

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