YachtWorld.com forms partnership with YBAA

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YachtWorld.com and the Yacht Brokers Association of America signed a collaborative agreement to promote professional yacht brokers’ services to YachtWorld.com visitors and member brokers around the world.

The goal is to increase the level of professionalism within the brokerage industry, via broker education, and provide the public with more accurate listing information. YachtWorld will use its broker communication network to educate its members with professional standards developed by YBAA and YachtWorld.

“This collaboration with YBAA will raise the visibility of listings that are represented by Certified Professional Yacht Brokers credentialed yacht brokers and will educate buyers and sellers as to the identity and value of working with a certified yacht broker,” said Ian Atkins, vice president and general manager of YachtWorld.com and Boats.com, in a statement.

YBAA president David Pugsley said his organization teamed up with YachtWorld “because of their extraordinary track record and ability to help yacht brokers promote and co-broker their listings to buyers around the world.

“We support YachtWorld and their private BoatWizard MLS service for brokers as our endorsed Internet partner and expect great things to come of our combined efforts to raise the level of professionalism in the yacht brokerage community,” he added.

YachtWorld.com and Soundings Trade Only are divisions of Dominion Enterprises.

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4 comments on “YachtWorld.com forms partnership with YBAA

  1. Robert R. Jones

    After reading the above press release:  “YW and YBAA sign Collaboration Agreement“, it appears that YW is establishing a two-tiered level of professional yacht brokers; those who hold the credentials issued by  YBAA and those who do not. The article states that YW will attempt “to raise the visibility of listings” of CPYB brokers (over those who are not members) and “educate buyers and sellers as to the identity and value of working with a certified yacht broker.”  Well I guess this is all fine, except the playing field is no longer level if YW decides to highlight CPYB brokers over the large majority of businesses and yacht brokers who have no such ”certification”.  For my money, I would hope that all who subscripe to YW would be treated fairly and equally.
    I have no issue with YBAA and their quest to establish high standards in the yacht brokerage profession. I truely applaud and support their efforts. However, I have never felt the need to be ”certified”, and that is after 30 some-odd years as a professional yacht broker.  My concern is solely that if YW is going promote YBAA members and CPYB listings over mine, at the very least I think we should discuss rates.       

  2. Reynolds Yacht Sales

    I am a CPYB. If you have been in business 30 years, the test should be no problem. YBAA certifies itself to keep the government from doing the same. I have been a broker 10 years and passed the test some years ago(second attempt). Do your self a favor and put your ego aside and join a professional group that has a code of ethics. I do not feel I am on the same field as a non-certified broker who does not care to take the time. Does the RN deserve the same accolades as the MD?  People with certification should promote the fact. My concern is  price fixing between the two(not in a good way). Rates should be the same for everyone. If you chose not to be certified, its on you. The industry is trying to constantly improve through professional organizations(regional, national, international). If you do not want to be a part, I will not subsidize your belief by lower advertising rates then those who do.   I will admit in the tough economy YW did not raise its rates this year. I believe this is because of the YBAA association. YBAA supported YW in its beginning.  I fear the worst and hope for the best. Time will tell if this association helps or hurts its members.

  3. Jessica Muffett

    Thanks for your comments. It is not our intention to penalize professional brokers who don’t feel the need to to join a particular association or become certified by a specific program, but rather to inspire the brokers who could use some professional guidance to seek mentoring and education though any of the professional broker associations.Brokers who need the most education are the least likely to seek it, so we accomplish two things by displaying association and credential logos on YachtWorld; we get the attention of the brokers who most need education and mentoring and steer them towards professional programs, and we reward the brokers who already have it.We have hosted over 80 YachtWorld Universities for our member brokers in the US and Canada in the past 5 years, and by far the biggest concern voiced is the diversity of business practices among their peers. Part of the problem cited is the lack of available education and mentorship for new brokers. Only one state requires broker licensing based on knowledge and accountability. Many brokers practice in geographic areas not represented by a broker association. The only yacht broker school is the school hard knocks, and frequently it is the public who suffers most.Our obligation then, is not just to our members; it is also to the pubic. Posting brokers’ affiliations and credentials is a postive way to promote broker professionalism to the public. Other ways we are actively considering are to allow the public to post reviews on brokers and boats, a practice common on many other popular websites. 
    Our initial plans are to post the CPYB logo on the line listings belonging to CPYB brokers in the YachtWorld search results, and when asked, to post the yacht broker association logos on the websites of individual yacht brokers who belong to broker associations.  All YachtWorld members with affiliations and credentials are eligible.Jessica MuffettPublisher EmeritusYachtWorld.comFollow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jessicamuffett

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