ADP Lightspeed articles aim to help dealers

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ADP Lightspeed, a leading provider of computerized dealer management solutions, launched a new initiative to help dealers increase liquidity by identifying and recovering cash from frozen assets.

Using data collected from the company’s network of thousands of dealers, ADP will publish four department-specific articles that focus on common cash management mistakes made at the department level.

“Through our visibility in the market, we have access to information that we feel can help dealers find hidden cash in their parts department, sales processes, service operations and more,” said Laurn Rice, general manager of ADP Lightspeed, in a statement. “Right now dealers need every dollar of their business to be working for them; these articles are one way we want to help.”

The articles are written by industry expert Hal Ethington and will be available to the entire industry through the company’s Web site. Each month, from July to October, ADP will post a new article that will review specific information on how to maximize profit in a dealership’s parts, service, sales and customer-relationship management operations.

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5 comments on “ADP Lightspeed articles aim to help dealers

  1. John Howlett

    As a 7 year user of ADP Lightspeed I have some specific comments on any add-on or service they come up with.  Get your basic house in order and make the system work the way it should for Boat Dealership/Marina operators.  Create the needed links that make navigation simple like connecting the Customer File and the Customer Unit file.  Give users stronger more comprehensive data validation, editing tools.  Take care of simple things like adding a field for “Country” to our customer list….  As I have been telling you for four years, many of us have customers in other countries, especially those of us on the Canadian border.  Do the simple things needed to make this a viable Marine Dealer application and don’t worry about the fluff until that is done..  And when a dealer like me calls six or seven times to talk to your boss Loren, tell him to pick up the phone and speak to the clients that pay enormous fees every month.

  2. Ed Harrison

    I agree with John’s comments above although we have been with Lightspeed for 2 years less. We started with Lightspeed NXT ( they have 3 operating systems). When told they were discontinuing upgrades for NXT we moved to the newest and greatest? Evolution. With NXT we had a payroll system. Once ADP (the payroll people) bought them Evolution was constructed without payroll. They expected you to convert to hiring ADP to do our payroll. The big problem there is Evolution has no time clock! How do you run a shop with no time clock for daily payroll? We have to keep running NXT with one license to keep a time clock or buy some other software.
    We learned not to leave a message with a support tech, they don’t call you back, Stay on the line until they resolve your problem, even when it takes an hour or two.
    Each update loaded causes problems you did not have before.
    We get frequent error messages as well as lockups where you have to shut down and reboot.
    When in a repair order and a part # is entered the cursor drops down to the next parts line bypassing the quantity. If you forget to go back and add the quantity, the part does not get ordered. There is a long list of dumb little things like this.
    Kellogg Marine price book is incomplete so if we try to use the price escalator to update 2008 prices it screws up our inventory royally!
    Their reservation system (slip rental as we know it) does less and is more cumbersome than software we were using back in the ’90’s! I still use an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of slip rentals.
    The accounting system drives our CPA crazy as well as costs us more for him to sort it out.

  3. Burbank Kawasaki

    Lightspeed  system is an old fashion soft where that does not comply with all the states laws. The tech support service is very good they  take the dealers input to correct the problems and make changes  they tell you it is priority and nothing gets done. They take you suggestions for inprovevemets but nothing ever changes for many yrs. After many yrs our forms are still not correct to comply with California laws. We got cited by the state of California for not comply for repair orders regulations. We got taken to court for fraud repair order regulation and lost thousand of dollars. We can not still use our repair order to comply with state laws after many yrs. The sales program crasher after trying to compute prices and we lost many sales. The tech support  tells you it is priority that there are aware of the problems and nothing gets done after many yrs. Our parts look up got cut off after we used it  for months as part of the purchase and where told it was a mistake they wanted more money.  They have plenty of time to develop new programs to charge the dealers more money.The sales people don’t return your phone calls or email after the sale.It is a totally rip off.We do Not recommend ADP Lightspeed.We will file a complaint with the attorney general.

  4. John Holmes

    I’ve been using LightSpeed for a couple of years now. It works ok and the support department is helpful, but I have one major complaint about it. Your clients connect back to the server and the user session is done all VIA RDP. As any administrator would guess, this creates a huge security risk. ADP needs an application for the client machines to interact with the server, instead of making the clients preform and RDP session. I brought this up with ADP before and I was told ‘people that work at dealerships dont know enough about computers to do anything’ which is total crap. ADP fix this huge security risk!!!

  5. HLS

    Wow, buyer beware!! ADP lightspeed is not helpful they are only concerned about the support fee being paid. Your data is not available until you pay and keep paying support fees. If you go out of business for any reason and need access to your records you either keep paying the support fee or you can not get to your records. One person at ADP says one thing and then another says something else. If you need to get into lightspeed in the future it will cost you a $1000.00 for them to activate your license (for 5mins of work) what a rip off!! Would never recommend this company!!!

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