Brokerage group sells 24 boats in one day

Posted on’s Yacht Brokerage Group sold a record 24 boats in one day last week.

The boats, sold July 20 by the U.K.-based firm, ranged from a 16.5-meter Bruce Roberts Euro 1600 to a Hunter Duette sailboat.

“We can’t put our finger on exactly why we had good boat sales last Monday. Generally we have been very busy since the start of 2009, and we keep breaking our records month on month,” said Neil Chapman, managing director of, in a statement.

The Yacht Brokerage Group was founded in 1999 and now has more than 70 offices around the world, according to information on the site.

“The Boatshed brand has grown hugely over the last few years, and in certain areas we are now seeing Boatshed as the preferred local broker of choice,” said Marcy Chapman, from the Yacht Brokerage Group. “We are launching our new-look Web site, which is really making a good impact.”


10 comments on “Brokerage group sells 24 boats in one day

  1. Arch

    Besides this article being an advertisement for Boatshed, I can’t help but laugh reading it.  It’s riddled with non-sense which is so typical.  Insulting, really.

  2. Jeff

    Well done Boatshed. One of your guys sold a boat for me recently and the service was fast, efficient and friendly.  Good job and I will use you again.

  3. boatman11

    This is a blatant advertisement.
    Has Soundings verified the veracity of what is claimed?
    Advertisements posing as news articles such as this are why so many Marine Industry publications are losing credibility.

  4. Dave

    I would like to know how many of their independent virtual only offices are included in that figure

  5. colin

    Great news if true, but we know not, perhaps now Boatshed UK will pay all the creditors and offices in the USA who have lost thousands to this internet / franchise smoke screen! Blatant advertising and very insulting to all who have lost money to this company!

  6. Arch

    So many of these brokerage companies have virtual/satellite offices where a broker works out of his home and just sells a few boats here and there.  Most are not full service brokers.  Actually, what they do is hurt the industry.  THEY UNDERCUT THE LEGIT FULL SERVICE BROKERAGE OUTFITS WITH RESPECTED AND EXPERIENCED BROKERS BY BROKERING IT FOR LESS, 5% OR LESS.  I seee it all the time.
    They aren’t doing any of us any favors.   

  7. Neil Chapman

    I wanted to take a moment to respond to some of the comments made on this story.
    The number of boats sold was 24 in a 24 hour period and we are perfectly happy to have this independently ratified if anyone is interested.
    As to the comments about virtual offices, all of our Boatshed locations have a physical address and a person responsible for boat sales in that area, we offer a full brokerage service and our commission rates are comparable to other brokers and range from 8 to 10%
    The comments regarding Boatshed owing money in the USA are untrue and we strongly deny any such accusations. We are happy to share any of our accounting information in confidence and would ask that any party contact us directly to discuss this.
    We have been in business since 1999, are full members of the British Marine Federation and pride ourselves on being an honest, professional and forward thinking boat sales organisation.
    We would be very happy to supply full detailed references from existing respected members of the marine industry and from thousands of happy Boatshed clients to verify our credentials.
    If anyone has any questions, please contact me directly at and I’ll be happy to answer them.
    PS We are also on target to beat our monthly record with now 107 boats sold for July and still a day to go!
    Neil Chapman
    Boatshed Yacht Brokerage Group.

  8. TEX

    The news here would be if they knew what they did to be so successful, and could duplicate the key processes.  Did this publication talk to any customers about their motivation to buy that day?  Poor reporting.  Don’t just reprint news releases.

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