Brokers report June bump in sailboat sales

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Sailboat sales figures in June reported by broker members of indicate a slight improvement compared to numbers in May.

In June, 552 boats were sold, compared with 625 in June 2008, a decrease of 12 percent. In May, 545 boats were sold, compared with 757 in May 2008, a drop of 28 percent.

Year-to-date, 2,461 sailboats have been sold, compared with 3,455 in 2008, for a decrease of 29 percent, according to a report from John Burnham, editorial director of

While small-boat sales (under 26 feet) have been the only category down by less than 30 percent year-to-date, boats more than 45 feet began to sell better in June. Both large and small categories were slightly ahead of 2008 both in valuations and units sold.

Compared to the powerboat market, sailboat sales are lagging behind in 2009. Most of the increase for powerboats was in the 26-foot-and-under range, which correlates somewhat to the drop in valuation of powerboat sales in June, down from $329 million to $307 million. By comparison, sailboat sales in June decreased very little, from $43 million to $39 million, Burnham said is owned by Dominion Enterprises, the parent company of Soundings Trade Only.

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