Cobra Marine signs radio deal with Sea Tow

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Cobra Marine and Sea Tow Services International signed a long-term agreement to have Cobra VHF radios serve as the official VHF radio of Sea Tow.

“We’re proud Sea Tow has chosen to partner with us,” said Tony Mirabelli, Cobra senior vice president of marketing and sales, in a statement. “With their tow boats used to assist boaters on the water and most calls being sent from VHF radios, it’s a natural partnership.”

Cobra Marine will outfit Sea Tow Command Central with the company’s new VHF radio products.

“Innovation is key to make communicating on the water easier and more reliable,” said Capt. Joe Frohnhoefer, Sea Tow CEO, in a statement. “Cobra’s VHF radios already incorporate innovative technologies like Rewind-Say-Again. There have been many times during my career when we could have improved our response time and accuracy if our tow boats’ VHF radios had a rewind button.”

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