Fishing school graduates latest women anglers

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“Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing!” graduated another group of women anglers at a June 26-28 seminar held at Pirate’s Cove Resort and Marina in Stuart, Fla.

Held in conjunction with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and presented by Mercury Outboards, the “No-Yelling School of Fishing” began June 26 with a welcome reception, followed by fishing classes and hands-on instruction June 27 and an optional fishing adventure on the last day.

Classes were conducted on beginner and intermediate/advanced levels by local speakers: Capt. Peter Wright on bluewater and bottom fishing, Capt. Joe Massaro on basics, Capt. Marcia Foosaner on inshore fishing, and Capt. Jim Ansonon on fly fishing.

The hands-on fishing exercises included spin-casting, net-casting, knot-tying, landing/releasing (with grapefruits), conservation, boat handling, backing a truck and trailer, and reeling against pressure. After the five-hour fishing trip Sunday, the event concluded with a fillet demonstration.

The final 2009 seminar will be held Nov. 13-15 at Holiday Isle Resort in Islamorada, Fla. For information, call (954) 475-9068, or click here.

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