Group fights proposal to call rigging knives switchblades

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The American Knife & Tool Institute is fighting a U.S. Customs proposal that would characterize assisted-open knives as switchblades, and could jeopardize all pocket knives such as rigging knives and multitools.

The group is lobbying for passage of the Wyden-Cornyn amendment to the Senate appropriations bill.

The amendment would restrict U.S. Customs from using any funds to … “amend, interpret, enforce and promulgate any administrative rule or action which regulates, restricts, or bars from importation any knife under the Switchblade Knife Act of 1958 … if the knife contains a spring, detent, or other mechanism designed to create a bias toward closure of the blade and that requires exertion applied to the blade by hand, wrist, or arm to overcome the bias toward closure to assist in opening the knife.”

The bill is expected to be reviewed today in committee.

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2 comments on “Group fights proposal to call rigging knives switchblades

  1. Jac

    Great, leave it to our government to make tools even more dangerous.
    I can say this though, they are strict in the UK over this.  I had two lock-back knifes in a tool bag and I was called on it by the ‘bobbies’.

  2. blueoyster01

    With all of the socio-economic problems this country is facing, two more Washington morons are added to the deckchair re-arranging crew on the Titanic. Talk about displacement activity, here is another one to add to the list of non-achievements from Washington’s commonsense challenged members. I only hope BOAT/US weighs in with their own added challenge to this kind of legislation and argues the (what I see as obvious) fault of lumping rigging knives in with a re-defined description of a switchblade. When did we lose the original anyway? I know what a switchblade is and that it is illegal to carry one due to its single-purpose designed use. The local police know it also and can make an arrest based of state and local law. I, for one, am glad that that American Knife & Tool has brought this to light although it won’t stop Washington’s best from doing what they want anyway!
    If this type of amendment succeeds without change (or, even with change since it is unnecessary to begin with),  additional amendments to bills to print warnings on liquor bottles about their illegal use when empty as a component of Molotov cocktails.

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