BoatU.S. signs on as show sponsor

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United States Yacht Shows, producer of the U.S. Sailboat Show and the U.S. Powerboat Show in Annapolis, Md., announced that BoatU.S. is a premier sponsor of this year’s shows.

As part of the sponsorship, the nation’s largest recreational boat owners organization, will aggressively market the fall boat shows to its 600,000 members, including promotion in the association’s monthly E-Line newsletter, bi-monthly Used Boat Watch buyers guide and the September print and electronic issues of BoatU.S. Magazine.

“We are pleased that BoatU.S. will partner with the shows in such a significant way,” said Ed Hartman, president of the United States Yacht Shows, in a statement. “Two formidable brands in the boating industry, joining forces, provide a tremendous boost to our shows and our exhibitors.”

The U.S. Sailboat Show, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, runs Oct. 8-12. The U.S. Powerboat Show runs Oct. 15-18.

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