Grow Boating reports Web success

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Grow Boating reports that nearly 500,000 people who visited have clicked on a manufacturer or certified dealer link and clicked through to their Web site since 2007.

Also, with its foray online and a partnership with, Discover Boating has aggregated all boating blogs under an online Discover Boating “channel.”

Discover Boating’s presence on delivered more than 5 million impressions and an estimated 2,400 people to the boat selector tool.

“These results reinforce that despite our budget cutbacks and decreases in consumers’ disposable income, there still seems to be strong interest in boating,” said Carl Blackwell, Grow Boating’s vice president of marketing and communications, in a statement.

“We’ve tweaked our Discover Boating strategy to reflect the times and do more than build awareness,” he said. “We’re providing more gateways to our stakeholders own websites to help them move inventory.”


2 comments on “Grow Boating reports Web success

  1. szj

    Sure thing,
    The only success “Grow Boating” can claim is the fact that they draw a pay check off the backs of dealers.
    Marketing, these days, are just like our Government, too much!
    Customers will naturally gravitate to a “good dealer”.
    I don’t need an expensive marketing service to let me know we are doing a good job either.
    So much could be saved and passed on, but maybe their is a little nepotism with some of those recent marketing grads?

  2. Curtis

    To date we have never recieved one lead from the go boating web site.
    I do not think I have ever seen a commercial here in the Pacific Northwest except for the ones the Northwest Marine Trade Assocition has put together.

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