Mercury MerCruiser introduces new engine block

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Mercury MerCruiser has developed the next generation of big-block marine power, which the company says produces more power and has better mid-range acceleration, lower emissions and superior fuel efficiency.

The new engine features high-performance aluminum cylinder heads that improve mid-range acceleration and increase power. High-octane fuel is not required. The engine runs on 87 octane and achieves low oil consumption, according to the company.

Also, access to service points and connections has been improved to simplify installation and maintenance.

“Not only did the team achieve superior performance while adding a catalyst, they maintained fuel efficiency and improved serviceability without adding cost,” said Derric Drake, MerCruiser’s program manager on the project, in a statement.

MerCruiser’s new big block engine will be available in sterndrive and inboard configurations with Base and HO ratings. The new models are compatible with the host of MerCruiser options, including Axius, SmartCraft, SeaCore and either digital throttle and shift or mechanical throttle and shift on the sterndrive models and DTS on the inboard models. It also comes protected by the Guardian system to help prevent catastrophic engine damage.

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4 comments on “Mercury MerCruiser introduces new engine block

  1. michel beaudry

    remember the 470 it was an aluminium block with a ford 460 head and a closed cooling system, it was a disaster….
    this time, is it a cast iron block with aluminium heads?
    if so, if i was a dealer i would wait a few years before ordering these new models

  2. islanderboat

    yeah! put dissimilar metals together, add salt water, stir well.  The perfect recipe for disaster! like the ford aluminum block.  when your zinc goes so does the engine.

  3. Y2Kool Vette

    Funny, you only remember the 470 as a failure! I remember it as a successful engine for us, with very few problems overall. It was much lighter than the V6’s yet made as much horsepower,, and fit in more boats with ease. The alternator was weak, and often failed with age, but the aftermarket took care of that with an excellent kit. It came with a closed cooling system from the beginning, so there was no problem with the dissimilar metals. OBVIOUSLY Mercruiser will have a closed cooling system on these motors as well, The current8.1 does, DUH!  I for one sure am glad someone is doing something about GM discontinueing the 8.1 big block in the future, because all the 320 hp small blocks in the world will not equal cubes. It takes torque to move a heavy load like a certain boats, and twins aren’t always practical or desired,  simply put, the small blocks cannot make the kind of torque a big block will. Lastly, if the 470 was so bad, why did Chevrolet decide on Mercruiser to build the Lotus designed Corvette ZR1 DOHC all aluminum motor for the 1990 -1995 exclusive Corvette ZR1? I’ll tell you why. Chevrolet looked at the excellent service record of the 470, and decided to award Merc the contract based on that record.

  4. rjohns

    So this block is being made by Mercruiser and isn’t a 502 GM motor. I’m all for self reliance and think this is a great move.

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