Miami group upgrading community sailing program

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Shake-A-Leg Miami is launching a new initiative called the Ship Shape Project to upgrade its facility and revitalize the fleet of boats in its community sailing program during the next two months.

“We are now actively recruiting new volunteers, particularly those with skills in the marine trades, and those who would like to learn those skills,” said SALM founder Harry Horgan, in a statement.

Starbrite is sponsoring a workshop Aug. 28 to help train volunteers in boat maintenance, safety, and basic repair.

“Ideally, every boat in our fleet will have its own Ship Shape Team with a minimum of four members,” said Horgan. “Some teams with more members and higher skill levels will be welcome to tackle large projects, while others can make a substantial contribution by cleaning our smaller boats or working on maintenance, repair, and beautification projects around the building or on the waterfront.”

Ship Shape has a blog, where potential volunteers can learn more about the project and register to help. Written by Professional BoatBuilder magazine’s ProBoat E-Training manager, Barbara Jean Walsh, the blog will chronicle the progress of the challenge during the next two months.

Horgan said the organization’s long-range plan is to use Ship Shape as a starting point for establishing an onsite marine training center in cooperation with Professional BoatBuilder magazine and The Landing School.

For information, contact Barbara Jean Walsh at (561) 922-7220.

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