Reichhold increases resin prices

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Reichhold Inc. announced price increases of five cents per pound on all unsaturated polyester and vinylester resins sold in North America for the composites industry.

This increase is effective for all orders shipped on or after Sept. 1.

“This price increase is required because key raw material prices continue to increase and can no longer be absorbed,” said Al Naser, Reichhold commercial vice president, Composites North America.

“This price increase will not restore margins as it still does not completely offset the increased raw-material costs recently incurred,” he added. “We especially appreciate the understanding of our customers in this difficult economic climate as we make every effort to limit the impact of rising costs upon product pricing.”


2 comments on “Reichhold increases resin prices

  1. Broker Kelly

    Isn’t this the same outfit that raised resin prices through the roof when oil went to $110 per barrel?  What happened to the cost reductions when oil was a glut?  There were none.
    I guess those are the astronomical margins they want to return to.

  2. Blackjack

    Perhaps the targeted margin increase on new orders will offset the losses that will inevitably be incurred as boat builders continue to go out of business due to increasing costs and dwindling sales. Baffles the mind.

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