IBEX moving to Louisville in 2010

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Organizers of the International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition and Conference today announced plans to relocate the annual marine industry show to Louisville, Ky.

IBEX 2010 will take place Sept. 28-30 at the Kentucky Exposition Center, organizers Professional BoatBuilder magazine and the National Marine Manufacturers Association said in a statement. This year’s show is set for Oct. 12-14 in Miami Beach, where it has taken place for seven years.

“Over the years, our attendees and exhibitors have expressed increasing concerns about the high costs in South Florida,” said Carl Cramer, IBEX co-director and publisher of Professional BoatBuilder magazine, in a statement. “Our primary duty as show producers is to keep our constituents happy and to produce a high-quality trade show. We are confident our location in Louisville will prove to be a successful new beginning.”

Cost savings for exhibitors and attendees was the primary motivation for the show’s change in location. Lower facility costs will provide exhibitors a reduction in exhibit-space and labor costs.

Labor rates at the Kentucky Exposition Center will be down as much as 8 to 10 percent from the Miami Beach Convention Center, according to organizers. In addition, Louisville hotel rates, as well as food and beverage costs – often chief concerns with the Miami Beach venue – will likely see more than a 20 percent reduction with the new location.

“IBEX has had a tremendous run in Miami Beach. However, given recent changes in today’s economy and the boating industry, we felt show exhibitors and attendees would benefit from the move to a more central location that will help lower their costs to participate,” NMMA president Thom Dammrich said in a statement.

The Kentucky Exposition Center is the sixth-largest convention facility in the United States and can easily accommodate IBEX exhibitors, attendees and activities, as well as the new MAATS Aftermarket Pavilion, while allowing for future growth.


11 comments on “IBEX moving to Louisville in 2010

  1. Scott Kolodny

    Louisville is a fantastic venue for Trade Shows.  The size of this facility will more than accommodate the needs of IBEX and MAATS.  The only downside to this location is a lack of central hotel and dining district that is walkable and easy to organize for dinners and cocktail events.  You will find attendees staying at a myriad of locations and this will increase the need and use of rental cars.  Louisville is a very friendly location  with great airport service.

  2. shine

    I drive to Miami, so my cost will more than double with airfare.  I dont blame them for moving the show, but I may not be able to attend in Louisville.
    Hotels in Miami are off by more than 20% from last year.

  3. Unemployed in Indiana

    The RVIA has used this venue for many years with success.  Why did it take an industry meltdown and years of expensive, lack of service settings at the beach, for NMMA to come to this conclusion?  This venue, centrally located in the mid-west with cost savings have been there all along.  Congratulations to the committee that decided to buck the norm and make the right decision.

  4. Cenny

    You coundn’t found a better place to relocate this event. Louisville is an excellent choice with plenty of hotels with shuttle service around the convention center along with the airport only a half a mile away. You should see an incease in attendance now that IBEX  will be centrally located in the southern tip of the midwest.I can see the cost savings for everyone. Good Luck!
    Denny B

  5. Matthew

    I like Miami.  I usually take in the show then spend a few days diving in the Keys.  I don’t think I’ll see a significant change in airfare flying to Louisville and think I would prefer the atmosphere of Florida over Kentucky.

  6. David Nirenberg

    You can please some of the people etc. etc. , the important point is we are finally seeing some positive steps being taken to save a venue that at one time was a productive ,exciting show ! To all our younger members that only can judge a show by what they have witnessed since it was moved out of Chicago, I would point out that you are only seeing about 20% of what IMTEC used to be.
    As kudos to the NMMA staff for making these moves, lets recall the infamous announcement made at the end of the show that we were headed back to Vegas!  I believe thanks should be given to the members that voiced our dissatisfaction with the current repetition year after year with the way the show had continued to shrink, and our displeasure at being told that we were going to be ignored once again by returning back to the past . 
    With that said I hope our industry will get behind this new format and try and get back to making next years show a exciting , informative selling show ! Again remember , we used to write orders at the IMTEC show by offering real show specials ! I hope to see everyone at the begining of a new period in our Industry! 

  7. I'll try anything once

    Louisville??? Not exactly known for its boating. I’ll still be there because MAATS used to be a good show and hopefully this will jumpstart it again. I guess I’ll need to buy a coat now, wasn’t much need for one in South Florida, Orlando or Vegas.

  8. Justin

    The great news that MAATS would be combined with IBEX has now been balanced with the terrible news that the new combined show will relocate to the worst trade show venue in the United States.
    No hotels anywhere near the exhibition hall, incredibly limited flight selection, tiny selection of restaurants located miles from the venue and likely your hotel. I can’t see this as an upgrade in venue for this show.
    In Miami you are likely to see the industry people you want to see. The close concentration of hotels and dining makes every meal and every walk to or from the hotel an opportunity to talk to the people you came to the show to meet with. I would gladly pay 6% more for this, since I am highly unlikely to bump into any buyers in my rental car on my morning drive.

  9. Joe G.

    Louisville??? I don’t think so. My staff will not be attending the 2010 show. It will take more than a large convention center and slightly lower cost to   attractive the industry to Louisville. In fact, it would cost us more to travel to the heartland than the boating capital of South Florida. Furthermore, is it no coincidence that both the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale boat shows are the largest in the world and also well attended by vendors. I guess the South Florida boat shows will become our new venue for interacting with suppliers. Although I will miss the the seminars.

  10. Jim Bower

    As one who has complained about Miami to Carl and will skip IBEX this year because it is in Miami, I am happy to see a change of location.  We shall see if Louisville is better. 
    I found Miami to be very expensive, too hot and humid, the hotels and food lousy, and the general neighborhood to be no better than a third world country.
    Also, my wife joined me last year and received a phone call in our hotel room soliciting sexual services.  That did not give a positive impression of South Beach.
    Yeah for a move.  Hope L’ville is better.

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