MRAA, ABYC offer certification scholarships

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The MRAA Educational Foundation and the American Boat & Yacht Council have partnered to provide scholarships to attend one of eight ABYC technical work force training and certification courses offered throughout the United States and Canada.

The scholarships will be available to all MRAA members in good standing and will include course fees, the study guide and the certification examination free of charge to those awarded the scholarship. A total of 10 scholarships, worth up to $849 each, will be awarded through Dec. 31.

“These courses will provide much-needed training opportunities for technicians and others in the recreational marine trades, resulting in improved levels of expertise and, subsequently, improved performance on the job,” said Ed Lofgren, MRAA Educational Foundation president, in a statement.

Click here to apply for a scholarship. For information, contact the MRAA Foundation at (708) 763-9210.

To schedule an on-site course or to receive information on customized training programs, scholarship partnership opportunities, contact Michael New at (410) 990-4460, ext. 31 or e-mail

Click here for a listing of regularly scheduled ABYC certification courses and other training programs.

Click here for the full release.

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