Brunswick sales are bulk of MarineMax revenue

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In its annual report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, MarineMax noted that, for fiscal 2009, approximately 51 percent of its revenue was from the sale of new boats made by Brunswick.

“We believe our sales represented approximately 6 percent of all Brunswick marine sales, including approximately 31 percent of its Sea Ray boat sales, during our 2009 fiscal year,” the company said. “Certain of our dealerships also sell luxury yachts, fishing boats, and pontoon boats provided by other manufacturers, including Italy-based Azimut. During fiscal 2009, new boat sales accounted for 60.7 percent of our revenue.”

During fiscal 2009, used-boat sales accounted for 22.5 percent of the company’s revenue, and 74.7 percent of the used boats sold were Brunswick models.

The sale of marine engines, related marine equipment, and boating accessories accounted for 5 percent of MarineMax’s fiscal 2009 revenue. Maintenance, repair and storage services accounted for 7.9 percent of its revenue during this time. This includes warranty and non-warranty services.

During fiscal 2009, fee income generated from F&I products accounted for 2.7 percent of revenue, while brokerage services accounted for 1.2 percent of revenue.

As of Sept. 30, MarineMax had 1,245 employees, 1,195 of whom were in store-level operations and 50 of whom were in corporate administration and management.

Clearwater, Fla.-based MarineMax currently has 55 locations throughout the country. The company said it has closed 47 retail locations since March 1998.

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10 comments on “Brunswick sales are bulk of MarineMax revenue

  1. capt.charlie

    What a joke. MegaMax has nothing to brag about. They’ve become one of Brunswicks biggest problems. When will Trade Only report on what the Max did to the marien biz in California?

  2. HG

    Marine Max / Mercury Marine/ Brunswick are doing to the marine industry what Wal Mart has done for customer service. The best thing for the industry would be for them to go out of business and take their shady business practices with them.

  3. boatseller

    Marinemax is a very good example why there should be some type of government regulations in the marine sales industry. they have single handedly ruined the recreational market. Make no mistake, before the recession is done they will be the next Enron!!

  4. George

    Just what we need more regulation, especially obama, reid, pelosi regulation.  What else do we need from the government while we’re at it?
    P S  Marine Max is none of your business

  5. Joe Thompson

    Happy to hear MarineMax will continue to stay in business.  Great company, Great Values, Great Customer Service and will continue to support 1,400 employees and families.

  6. Amazed

    It never ceases to amaze me how others outside MarineMax complain about how this industry is being destroyed by this giant. These business practices should be studied by those who criticize them.Take a look at how MarineMax accomplished results that others only dream of. If one looks at the numbers reported in this column, you can see MarineMax is doing all the right things.·        60.7% of revenue was new boats. (I keep hearing from other dealers they can only sell used boats that are distressed repo’s. 30% at best are new boat sales)·        22% of revenue is used boat sales. 74.7% of that was Brunswick product. (Looks like they are keeping their product from going to their competition)·        Only 1.2% of revenue was from brokerage services. (They’re taking trades NOT listing boats and hoping another dealer won’t come along and take that trade away while selling their new boat)·        Retain 2.7% of revenue from F&I (That’s strong!)How do they do it? From what I see, they do it with a true business partnership.Face it people; MarineMax and Brunswick have a rock solid partnership that raises the bar and should set the industry standards. Brunswick has stepped up to the plate with all their dealers and together as a team, they will emerge from this mess on top. Brunswick has used it’s strength to negotiate better finance options for their dealers, build better brand awareness thru national advertising campaigns, and offered dealers real solutions to their excess inventory problems.Maybe its time other manufacturers step up and become TRUE business partners with their dealers. Only then will this industry begin to rebound

  7. Hg

    Mercury Marine has NEVER offered their dealers anything. They are a fine example of another predatory business that sells its product behind the backs of it’s dealers.
    Check these numbers again in a year and see if their remaining 55 locations are still open. No way.

  8. GetReal

    I don’t get why people have a problem with Marine Max. Capt.Charlie what the heck are you talking about Marine Max and CA.? Isn’t the point of growing a strong dealership to sell as many units as a dealership can and to have happy repeat customers.
    Smaller dealers need to look at the huge opportunity to sell against a big company with lots of hands in the pie.
    Please clue us all in on the shady CS practices. Please folks just the facts and not the whinning from failing bussiness or unhappy fired ex-Marinemax employee.
    I just checked Consumer affairs, zero complaints.

  9. capt. charlie

    Closing down all their stores, in the entire state of Ca,  overnight is good customer service? They left one shell store front in San Diego that refers more than a thousand Sea Ray owners throughout the state to local chop shops for warranty work. Is that the stellar business practice all the McGill coolaide drinkers are referring to? 

  10. G B James

    Take this to the “BANK” Marine Max day’s are limited.   “Long Live The Independent Boat Builder

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