MRAA holds ‘young leaders’ council

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The Marine Retailers Association of America’s newly formed Young Leaders Advisory Council recently held its first meeting in Orlando.

During the meeting, Carly Poole of the Canadian dealership Buckeye Marine was elected chairwoman, and Ryan Hebert of Texas Marine was elected secretary.

Other council members include: Brad Parker, Parker Boats of Daytona; Alex Russo, Russo Marine; Luke Kujawa, Crystal-Pierz Marine; Billy McKee, Utah WaterSports; Matt Lodder, Lodder Marine; Eric Smith, Colorado Boat Center; Jeff Haradine, WakeSide Marine; Thalia Chase, Castaway Marine; Lauren Woodard-Splatt, Woodard Marine; Martin Boyer, Austin Boats & Motors; and Liz Walz, Boating Industry magazine.

Initial goals formulated by the group included an emphasis on marketing and communications, industry partnership and membership.

“After experiencing the passion and determination of this group to positively impact the boating business and MRAA members in particular, I’m convinced that the YLAC members are not only leaders within their own companies, but are soon to be seen as leaders within the industry at large,” Poole said in a statement.

The Young Leaders Advisory Council was established earlier this year to provide fresh perspectives to the MRAA board of directors as well as to improve and grow the MRAA and boating industry. The group is headed up by MRAA board members Nancy Smith and Paul Nickel.

Council members, who are required to be under 40 and an MRAA member, were chosen based on the results of a call for nominations issued last summer. They were elected to serve two-year-terms.

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