Regal Marine to add 100 jobs

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Regal Marine is hiring 100 workers this fall and said it will open a showroom where shoppers can check out its boats before buying.

The showroom is part of a corporate marketing campaign designed to boost sales through retailers who no longer can afford to stock large numbers of unsold boats, according to an article in the Orlando Business Journal.

Regal cut 200 of its 400 workers last year as sales fell.

COO Tim Kuck said Regal had the cash to hold on through the bad months. Then, “around Labor Day, there was a tide change. Our dealers started placing orders again,” he told the newspaper.

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5 comments on “Regal Marine to add 100 jobs

  1. lpier

    We just became a dealer for Regal a few months ago.  We were a Genmar dealer for many years and it was difficult to cut ties but we have found that Regal does live by their mission statement.  Regal is truly run by genuine,real people. Their faith is what has kept them strong for 40 years. 

  2. Capt Brett

    The quality and performance of their product speaks for itself.  They truly are Class Act people building a Class Act boat.   I’m glad to see Regal hiring and expanding in today’s economy.  Kudos to them!!!

  3. Big T

    I am a Genmar Dealer and have been looking at them and Rinker, I feel we need something else, Genmar is just too volitale. I hav heard nothing but good about Regal. It almost seems too good to be true.

  4. Sunshine State

    If you’re shopping for other brands, please make sure you THOROUGHLY check out the other family owned boat companies as well.  The “big 3” family owned cruiser companies in Florida/Georgia (Regal, Monterey, Chapparal) all make exceptional product that exceeds the corporate owned companies product in just about every aspect.  Each of these companies has survived this downturn by being smart, nimble and able to make changes happen in very short amounts of time.  (i.e. responding to dealer and customer requests).  The same has never really been true of the corporate owned companies.  Their quality and ingenuity actually seems to be at all time high right now!

  5. Rico Swan

    Sunshine Chaparral Boats was purchased by RPC Energy Services (NYSE:RES) in 1986. In 2001 RPC spun off Marine Products Corporation (NYSE:MPX). This offering included Chaparral Boats, Inc. and Robalo Boats, LLC.  Not exactly family owned, just to be clear.

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