Yamaha holding BlackBerry promotion

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Yamaha WaterCraft Group, which oversees the sales, marketing and distribution of WaveRunner personal watercraft and 21- and 24-foot sportboats in the U.S., announced a free BlackBerry Smartphone promotion to help consumers access a wide range of Yamaha content via the mobile channel.

The offer, which began Dec. 14, provides a free BlackBerry Smartphone to the first 25,000 people to access the program. The offer does not require the purchase of a Yamaha WaveRunner or Boat.

“The mobile channel is rapidly becoming an integral part of consumers’ lives for communications, information sharing, interaction, rich media and brand relationships,” said Bryan Seti, national marketing manager of Yamaha’s WaterCraft Group, in a statement. “This free BlackBerry promotion provides an easy and simple solution for consumers to acquire a new Smartphone and further engage with mobile services as well as the Yamaha brand.”

Yamaha’s mobile services enable consumers to receive Yamaha boat or WaveRunner mobile alerts with the latest news, product info, promotions and incentives, new accessories and more right on their mobile phones.

To opt in to Yamaha’s mobile services, consumers can visit the Yamaha Web site, or text the word “wave” to 70734 to subscribe to Yamaha’s WaveRunner mobile services, or text the word “boat” to 70734 to subscribe to Yamaha’s Boat mobile services.

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