Garelick Manufacturing chairman dies

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H. Joe Garelick, chairman of the board of Garelick Manufacturing Co., passed away Dec. 8. He was 85.

Garelick and his brother Saul started the St. Paul, Minn.-based manufacturing company 57 years ago in the back of an appliance store. The company’s first product was a lightweight aluminum marine boarding ladder that is still manufactured today.

In 1998, Garelick, along with his brother, was elected to Minnesota’s North Central Marine Trade Association’s Hall of Fame.

A World War II veteran, Garelick was an avid boater for more than 40 years. He is survived by his wife Eileen, sons David and Rick, and two grandchildren.

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2 comments on “Garelick Manufacturing chairman dies

  1. Dick Schroer----Highland Marine, NCMA

    It was a great pleasure to have known the Garelick brothers and their families over the years. Joe and Saul would stop in every once in awhile with a new product they were working on and leave it for a couple weeks for us to make suggestions before they finalized it. Today it’s called “field testing”.
    The Garelicks,  like the Freemans at Spartan trailers, were part of the pioneering people of Minnesota who contributed so much to the developement of the marine industry in the early years. They gave both their talents and their time to local and national marine organizations to do their part in the industry they loved.
    We are all better because of them.                 Dick Schroer, retired

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