MRAA to study the use of Grow Boating funds

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The Marine Retailers Association of America board of directors will launch a study into how 85 percent of Grow Boating engine assessment funds were used last year to increase boat sales.

The Advisory Council of Marine Associations has asked the board to look into the issue.

When the Grow Boating national campaign was suspended, 85 percent of the assessments were intended to go toward efforts designed to increase dealer sales, while maintaining some of the Discover Boating campaign’s momentum. The other 15 percent would support public relations,, Marine Industry Dealership Certification and a few additional core programs.

ACMA has been unable to find dealers who can substantiate receipt of any Grow Boating support, and the 85 percent of Grow Boating engine assessment funds that were to be used to directly assist retailers in the sale of boats has not been so used, the MRAA reports.

“MRAA highly values the recommendations of ACMA and will work in 2010 to implement them as well as other government issues as they arise,” MRAA chairman Ed Lofgren said in a statement.

Thom Dammrich, president of the National Marine Manufacturers Association and Grow Boating Inc., was out of the country this morning and not immediately available for comment.

ACMA also recommended the MRAA should continue all efforts to retain federal ethanol gasoline additive standards of E10 and oppose any attempt to increase ethanol additive levels beyond that level and asked the MRAA to actively pursue, support and lobby fishing issues in its government relations work.

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4 comments on “MRAA to study the use of Grow Boating funds

  1. Kim Stepp

    You have no idea!  I sent a letter with every check I sent to them, addressing what I felt was a huge waste time and our  money. 
    I wrote to Dammrich a number of times letting him know that I believed if they would just lower the costs of the boat shows, it would help the manufacturers and dealers a whole lot more than the ad campaign.
    If you ever saw the ads, when did they EVER do one with a powerboat?????
    Kim Stepp
    Velocity Powerboats

  2. DFM

    We sell a couple lines of boats that are Brunswick Boat Group products and I have asked the marketing department for specific details of how the Grow Boating fees that we pay on every boat package we purchase is being used. I have never received a direct answer. Always a put off such as ” let me get back to you on that” or “I’ll have someone that deals with that get back to you”. How long is the MRAA going to just let this go? Then you wonder why dealers are slow to renew membership. 

  3. Stanley Streptakovich

    The Keeter-Damrich dog and pony show goes on, but why?  Seems this dynamic duo is way past their time and should head over the hill.  Trouble is this act pays too well.

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