Northwest Jet Boat brand sold

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Renaissance Marine Group has purchased certain manufacturing assets, inventory and rights to build and market the Northwest Jet Boat brand of welded aluminum sport and fishing boats.

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

RMG is the parent company and manufacturer of Duckworth, Weldcraft and Columbia Boat brands. With the acquisition of Northwest Jet Boats, RMG will consolidate production at its Clarkston, Wash., factory and expand its dealer network to include the Northwest Jet Boat dealers in the United States and Canada.

Larry Whitten, founder of Northwest Jet Boats, will continue as owner of the Northwest Marine & Sport dealership – the largest dealer in Northwest Jet Boat models. In addition, Northwest Marine & Sport is becoming a dealer for RMG’s Weldcraft brand of boats.

Whitten will serve as a special consultant to RMG for the next three years to oversee the transition in production to the Clarkston facility, and to be involved in ongoing product development and marketing.

“We’re looking beyond the current marine industry downturns and planning ahead to better serve the needs of the aluminum boat buyer and dealers,” said Dan Larson, president and CEO of RMG, in a statement. “The addition of Northwest Jet Boats improves our production capabilities, our buying power and our dealer network.”

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